19 January 2012

Jonathan Soriano closed the deal with Red Bull Salzburg

Jonathan Soriano and Red Bull Salzburg have already sealed a definitive agreement to become the leading player in the group officially in Austria.

The previous team players leave the discipline to anchor in Barcelona FC Red Bull Salzburg at a rate of 800,000 € more variable in terms of goals and performance.

The club azulgrana had reached an agreement with the Austrian group and only need to close between club and player. Once agreed the terms, Jonathan Soriano will become the new Red Bull Salzburg player for the next 3 ½ seasons.

The striker must pass the appropriate medical review and return to Barcelona to bid farewell to his teammates and club personnel before starting this new phase in his career. (via SPORT)

Sergi Gomez and Espinosa, developments in the first train after the Clásico

Nothing more land in Catalunya, the Barcelona players who played in the Bernabeu made a smooth recovery session.

The 14 players who participated in the match against Real Madrid, plus homegrown Sergi Gómez and Javi Espinosa were trained shortly after 12 am in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

It was the first train of the four that will Pep Guardiola's men to prepare the next Sunday's clash against Malaga, a difficult game, in which the azulgranas can not miss any point if you want to get closer to Madrid in the league.

For this shock will lower the injured Villa, Fontàs and Afellay, while Pedro will doubt until the last minute. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Nolito shines as the "agitator"

Nolito was the most outstanding player in Benfica's victory against a second division as the Santa Clara, which sail from the bench and demonstrated its role as "agitator".

They were all agreed the top three Portuguese sports newspapers ("A Bola", "Record" and "O Jogo"), which also contained praise for the coach to Lisbon, Jorge Jesús made just after the mourning over the end Cadiz.

The game, for the group stage of the League Cup Lusa, was more difficult than initially expected for Benfica, current leader of the League, and it fell on its side to the entrance of Nolito in the field, 65 minutes.

Barely three minutes had on the field, made him pass his first goal in the young striker Nelson Oliveira, one of the greatest jewels of the new batch of Portuguese and international players with lower grades.

In a move led by the Spanish-an ongoing headache for the opposing defense, also came the second goal, the work of Belgian midfielder Axel Witsel.

"Agitator", highlights in its first page "A Bola", while "Record" says Nolita "was born all" and "O Jogo" highlights three minutes in the field of Spanish player enough to break the scoreless tie on the scoreboard.

They also include the declaration of Benfica coach Jorge Jesús, who praised the actions of the player, who always "out of balance and creates problems," the opposition.

At this summer to the discipline of the "embodied" Nolito has become a key part in the scheme of Jorge Jesús despite not having secured a spot in the starting lineup, where it competes with Brazilian Bruno Cesar. (via SPORT)

Piqué: “When we are ourselves, nobody can stop us”

The Barça centre back has never lost to Madrid, and was delighted with yet another victory at the Bernabéu.

Although beating Madrid has almost become routine in recent years, Gerard Piqué was as thrilled as ever last night. "It is very hard to win at the Bernabéu, even though you guys have got used to it ... it is much harder to win than you think". He is proud of the way the players deal with Madrid in these games. "We have implanted our style for several years and we always apply it. It doesn't matter where or who we play ... I'm proud and happy to belong to this team ... Very few teams can go to the Bernabéu and win like we have done. That makes us different".

Piqué is agrees with the rest of the squad, who believe that "when we are ourselves, there's no team that can stop us ... If we play like we are playing now, we can win titles, and be the best team in the world once again".

Gerard Piqué didn't want to get dragged into the fuss about Pepe treading on Messi's hand, and merely stated that "everybody saw it and has spoken about it." He feels that there are other people who are responsible for judging these actions and "if they think that what happened went beyond what is permissible on the field of play, they have to do something. We at the club don't think we should go about demanding that a player from another club should be punished".

He was pleased to observe that although Messi was the victim of Pepe's action, he did not retaliate against the Portuguese international. "Leo is a very good person. We have got used to the way he reacts and saw how Leo stayed calm, which what he should do ... We should be thankful that he didn't react". Piqué still insisted that the Madrid players behaved impeccably, especially his colleagues from the Spanish national team.

But although "we impose our game in the games against Madrid", Piqué admitted that "the league is something very different." Barcelona are still five points adrift of the leaders and so at Malaga on Sunday "we can't afford to make any mistakes".

Gerard Piqué was in great form in the Ciutat Esportiva pressroom, and a Chilean reporter asked him about Alexis Sánchez. "He gets 10 out of 10 as a person, he has adapted well to the squad, even though there are times that we can't understand him" he laughed. "But he does a lot for us on the pitch. We have signed a great player." The reporter continued to press him for a headline, and Piqué offered him one. "Alexis has stolen pour hearts" he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Maxwell: "The easy thing would have been to stay in Barcelona"

Maxwell, who recently left FC Barcelona to anchor in the Paris Saint-Germain said that the most "easy" would have been staying at Barca.

"Here I expected a challenge," he told the newspaper 'Le Parisien' Brazil 30 years, who believes that the team now heads Carlo Ancelotti is "a great opportunity."

The Brazilian said that the new team, forged money fund Qatar Investment Group, has "a very big ambition to grow."

And when talking about players, Brazilian admired as a child remembers the movements of Romario, but now have idols that has known more closely.

"Currently, the best left full-back of the world is Abidal. Is in a state dramatically," summed up exdefensa of Barcelona on the French international did last night, once again, his exequipo victory over Real Madrid of Jose Mourinho. (via SPORT)

Barça is already in the Barcelona

Shortly after 11:30 the boat landed in Barcelona and walked quickly toward the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper for a gentle workout.

After spending the night in Madrid, Barca expedition headed back home with a smile on his face, as proved by some players as Dani Alves via Twitter.

Upon arrival in Barcelona, ​​players quickly went to the Ciutat Esportiva to recover from the effort of the match against Real Madrid and begin preparing for the important match against Malaga next Sunday. (via SPORT)

Benzema: "With this system the forward suffer more"

"Well, I dunno, it's a 4-3-3. Pepe in the middle is good. Playing, it is true that the front hardest. But you have to sacrifice," he said in the mixed zone at the Bernabeu.

Karim Benzema, French striker of Real Madrid, said today, after losing to Barcelona 1-2, with the tactical system available to the coach Jose Mourinho, with Pepe in the center of the field, the attack area blanca "suffers more".

"Well, I dunno, it's a 4-3-3. Pepe in the middle is good. Playing, it is true that the front hardest. But you have to sacrifice," he said in the mixed zone of the Bernabeu.

Also called the first part of Real Madrid as "beautiful", but acknowledged that the second was "difficult." "Theirs is spend, spend, and spend, we fight in the first part. It is a major defeat, we lost at home, but try to win. Barcelona is a good team, but we," he said. (via AS)

Ramos: "We adapt to the coach's philosophy"

"The first leg is complicated but we will go to Camp Nou and for all. The shield has to be above and not have to eat it moral one," said sevillano defender.

Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid defender said today, after being defeated by Barcelona in the Bernabeu, the shield of his team "has to be above" and stressed that "no one" has to eat his "moral" Madrid template.

"The first leg is complicated but we will go to Camp Nou and for all. The shield has to be above and not have to eat it moral anybody," he said.

Besides, would not discuss the possible Pepe stomp his partner Lionel Messi in the match against Barcelona and declared that for that reason can not "appreciate" the incident that starred in the Portuguese defender. "I have not seen the pictures and I can not evaluate. Passes quickly and you can not see," he said after his team's defeat in the Bernabeu against Barcelona (1-2).

Also challenged by the conservative approach of coach Jose Mourinho said he adapts to any tactic. "We adapt to their philosophy. It has sometimes successful and sometimes not, but that is football. We left the field to play at the highest level and alignment is not surprising," he concluded. (via AS)

Carvalho: "Pepe's hard, but clean and fair"

Real Madrid defender defended his fellow critics after the game against Barca.

The Real Madrid's Portuguese defender Ricardo Carvalho, said his teammate and compatriot Pepe, head in midfield against FC Barcelona, ​​is a player "hard but clean and fair".

Questioned by the hardness of their partner during the match against Barça and the stomp Pepe gave Lionel Messi during the duel, defended the Real Madrid player, "Pepe people know him. It's hard, but clean and fair ' he said.

Also questioned if he was surprised to be aligned starter after three months without playing through injury, said he was ready to play.

"They asked me and said I wanted to play. I was pleased, not surprised. I was conscious of playing. I've been training and wanted to return. Every day I feel better," he concluded. (via SPORT)

Iniesta, on Pepe: "Everyone is responsible for making"

Cesc and Iniesta showed their outrage at the behavior of Pepe after stamping on hand to Messi.

Andres Iniesta, Barcelona player, spoke about the possible Portuguese Pepe stomp Lionel Messi and declared that "everyone is responsible for what he does."

"We try to have a good attitude. Committees sometimes act and others are not. I do not get it. They are sets of the game, but why not go," he said in the mixed zone of the Bernabeu.

Also questioned whether he was surprised by the approach of Jose Mourinho, said that "each game poses as you want" and stressed that the Barcelona always uses the same system.

"We have done the same. Despite the goal, we have peace and we won, that this is very difficult. It is a step forward, but against Madrid is never done. We always try to put the parties in the same way and goes well "he concluded.

Cesc: "We do not judge, but there is on TV"

Cesc Fabregas, Barcelona midfielder, he would not judge the likely stomp on the hand that gave Real Madrid's Portuguese Lionel Messi and said the scene will have been "on TV."

"These are things that we do not judge. Now it's up to us, but that's on TV," he said in the mixed zone after beating Real Madrid in the Bernabeu.

In addition, the party praised his team and he admitted that during the first ten minutes Barcelona was "a trailer", but then, and until the end of mourning, "made a great match."

"But this is 180 minutes. We knew we had to make. At the Camp Nou plays it to us. Real Madrid's passion is undeniable and we must be on top," he said. (via SPORT)

Xavi: “We were superior to Real Madrid in their stadium”

The midfielder said that: “In general there was only one dominant team, Barça."

FC Barcelona once again came away from the Santiago Bernabéu with a win (1-2), and the players showed their happiness after the match, Xavi Hernández explained: “we’re very pleased with the victory at the Bernabéu, this is a good period we’re living in. We went out onto the field and we had a great time against a powerful and historic Madrid. We played a great game.” The midfielder said that his team’s play was superior to Real Madrid’s: “in the first half we dominated but we were a bit over eager with the final pass. In the second half we were at ease and we played more comfortably. In general there was only one dominant team: Barça.”

Despite tonight’s display, the Barça players don’t believe that the tie is over. Looking forward to the return leg, Xavi said: “we need to try a keep on playing football, that’s what we like to do and it’s what we’re good at. We have to be superior. There are 90 minutes left and it isn’t finished.”

Below are the comments made by Barça players to the press:


“We played a great match, we did a great job. We started from behind, which means we had more pressure on us, but this team always responds.

“I believe that we understand our game philosophy really well, it doesn’t change no matter what happens in a match.

“This team grows with adversity.

“We still have the second half of the tie to play. We hope that the fans will cheer us on at the Camp Nou.”


“Despite tonight’s result, we’ll be looking to win the return leg.”

Cesc Fàbregas:

“Besides winning we also played good football, we’re very happy.

“It’s great to be able to say that Puyol and Abidal scored at the Bernabéu, that makes this victory all the greater.”

Carles Puyol:

“We know that a great team needs very little to do a lot of damage. We controlled them really well.

“We achieved a great result, but we’re up against a great team and fantastic players. They’ll come itching to settle the score and that’s when they are dangerous.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Player Ratings; Copa; 1/4 Leg1] Real Madrid CF - FC Barcelona (1-2)



Ninth victory for Guardiola against Real Madrid

The manager’s balance against Real Madrid is almost perfect: nine victories, three draws and only one defeat. At the Santiago Bernabéu, Guardiola remains unbeaten: five wins and two draws.

Counting this Wednesday’s victory in the quarter-final away leg of the Copa del Rey (1-2), FC Barcelona takes its tally to nine victories against Real Madrid since Josep Guardiola took charge of the first team bench. Guardiola has never lost at the Bernabéu, and this is his fifth win in the Spanish capital. In total, Guardiola has 9 victories, 3 draws and only 1 defeat in his 13 showdowns with Los Blancos. This record allows him to equal Johan Cruyff’s run as the Barça manager with the most victories over Real Madrid.

Six of Guardiola’s wins came in the Liga, one in the Champions League, one in the Spanish Super Cup and this Wednesday’s Copa del Rey victory.

If we only take into account Guardiola’s record at the Bernabéu, the numbers are just as good: five victories and two draws in seven matches. The manager’s first victory in Madrid was in his first Liga match at the Bernabéu in 2008/09. In that game the Barça squad managed to smash Real Madrid by a scoreline of 2-6. Henry, Messi and the defenders Carles Puyol and Gerard Piqué were the goal scorers in the match that just about sealed the title for the Catalans.

In the following season, Guardiola’s Barça won the clásico by a smaller margin (0-2), with goals from Messi and Pedro. A year later, the clásico ended in a one-all draw. It was Guardiola’s first game at the Bernabéu without winning.

The third victory at the Bernabéu happened last season, 2010/11, in the Champions League (0-2). The team was fighting for a spot in the Wembley Final against their biggest rivals. Two goals from Messi gave Barça the clear advantage ahead of the return leg at the Camp Nou. Barça would go on to win the title against Manchester United (3-1).

In this summer’s Spanish Super Cup, Guardiola’s men didn’t manage to seal the deal in the away leg of the competition, the final result was a two-all draw. However, the players claimed the title in the return leg at the Camp Nou with goals from Iniesta and Messi (3-2).

This season, in the Liga match, FC Barcelona also managed to come away with a win at the Bernabéu (1-3) with goals from Alexis Sánchez, Xavi Hernández, and Cesc Fábregas. Lastly, this Wednesday, Guardiola claimed his fifth victory at the Bernabéu (1-2), his ninth in 13 clásicos. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Busquets: "It is sad that there are attacks, but we do not decide"

The victory at the Bernabeu made very good taste in costume Barcelona. The players are happy with the 1-2 mostraton ... and many of them escaped to 'firewood' rough play with Real Madrid.

Sergio Busquets was cautious when asked about the treacherous hand stomp on Leo Messi: "I did not play very well. It is sad that assault, but decided not us," merely remarked.

The '16' of Barca said that "could have been a broader resltado. Happy," and recalled that "there is still around."

Dani Alves, meanwhile, noted that "this team responds to adversity large." "We have a philosophy well understood, do not change. Now we have to do a great job to be in semifinals," he said. He called for "respect for an opponent like Madrid." (via SPORT)

Cesc: "The goals of Puyi and Abi make this even bigger"

Cesc Fàbregas hails Barca match made for and highlights the potential role as Puyol and Abidal scorers.

Cesc Fabregas said after leaving the locker room at the Santiago Bernabeu to face the next match: "We have to be mentally and physically stop."

Site Statistics Asked by good against Madrid since joining Barça, Cesc simply said "it is not important, we must move forward" and nuance: "I'm really enjoying."

He explained that "we had a great ability to react, is worth having gone at a disadvantage. We started a bit asleep within minutes and they are very dangerous cons."

However, he stressed that "we played very good football and we are very happy."

About foul play of some players of Real Madrid, Cesc said: "These options are part of football" and would not come to value.

"It's great that you've won 1-2 at the Bernabeu and has not marked or Messi, or Alexis, or Andrew, or Xavi ... but Puyi and Abi, it makes it bigger," he stressed to the end of Arenys. (via SPORT)

Xavi: "That of Pepe is lamentable"

Xavi Hernandez said as fists and acknowledged truths that Barca hegemony continues.

Xavi Hernandez was crystal clear, as always, after the clásico at the Bernabeu and explained that "we really enjoyed, a Madrid win as powerful as this again is history."

"The truth is that we have a great game in every way," remarked a proud Xavi.

Asked about the fights with the players of Real Madrid, Xavi said: "They play their game, obviously being played sharp ... Pepe's stomp Messi ... are things that make no sense, but anyway ..." , trying not to get the cloth.

But he could not help and finally ruled: "That of Pepe is lamentable".

"Overall there has been a dominant one in the party, and has been Barça" said Terrassa, which then qualifies: "We had long possessions in the second half and the goal, at the soul, has been very well ".

"It's what we like to feel dominant, the reusltado today is excellent," said Xavi, finally recognizing that sentencing "continues the hegemony of our game and we are very pleased with the victory." (via SPORT)

Mourinho: "I understand to the madridismo, but I don't listen neither before nor later"

The Portuguese coach kept the desires again of overcoming Barça in Santiago Bernabéu again.

Jose Mourinho was right on the eve of the meeting: do not know how to win at Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu. For the fifth time it was sunk at the end of the ninety minutes, powerless to be passed again by the Barca coach Pep Guardiola after his third victory over the Portuguese, the fifth to whites in the coliseum Madrid.

"I understand the Real Madrid, but not hear, neither before nor after. The responsibility more is mine, especially when my team loses. Victory has many fathers, defeat is only one. After a long time in football, I understand perfectly. In the Cup final and now we celebrate all the things I also accept as football. Let the players quiet, because I am guilty, "said Madrid coach, hit by another defeat against Barca.

Faced with the possibility of being criticized by the media cave by the new tactical approach set out to try to overcome Barca once, but again to no avail cash, 'Mou' would not go to rag on and just praise the performance Carvalho and Altintop: "We both played very well. And people who normally do very well, have not done today. We lost the game because of them. I am defending the players because they have been good in a very difficult game to play and without fear. Carvalho Carvalho and knew it could count on him. " Regarding the violent actions of Pepe at the meeting, said: "I have not seen anything, I have to see it has worked very well for the team, I wonder if something happened to him on the field. If there was any intentional act, it is reprehensible. "

The resignation of Real Madrid at the 90 th game of Jose Mourinho on the bench white symbolizes the future of a team that can not be with his eternal enemy, or in their own stadium. Have not been able to maintain the advantage on the scoreboard for the Portuguese was the key to the game. "I did not expect to reach a goal of 1-0 pieces. We can not allow Barcelona to win. We have had in the second half two or three starts that almost did not finish looking into and with small errors in the first half, because the 1-0 is always bad for the team playing away from home ".

On the future that awaits Madrid in the Cup, 'Mou' is very explicit: "The tie is open, but difficult, if not difficult, but it is still open, for sure. The qualifiers are not parties. We seek to take control defensive and score first. We wanted to spend time with a 1-0 win against, but we conceded from set pieces. Then the team was affected psychologically, and it is normal, as if the ship, took possession of the party and was the second goal. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano, near the Red Bull Salzburg

The Red Bull Salzburg strong bid by Jonathan Soriano sees as his future is increasingly removed from the FC Barcelona.

Jonathan Soriano definitely seek fortune far from FC Barcelona and it looks like he will in the Austrian league. The Barcelona B forward has not just found your site on the first team and after receiving various proposals for Spanish and European clubs in the winter market would look kindly accept the offer of Red Bull Salzburg who arrives in Barcelona willing to close completely the agreement.

The Austrian group, which was close to signing him last season, has continued to insist on its inclusion and continues to negotiate the transfer of striker making an offer to € 800,000 more variables in a contract rate of three and a half years and Barça have accepted, as it moves from the Cadena Ser

However, the Red Bull Salzburg is pending fringes close finish to seal the deal with the player who could be ready in the coming days. (via SPORT)

[Jonathan Soriano left Barça and sign tomorrow the Red Bull Salzburg]
Austrian club representatives are traveling to Barcelona to close the transfer, amounting to 800,000 euros more variables.

The B forward will move forward tomorrow on a private flight to Salzburg, will undergo medical examination and sign up on June 30, 2015.

Jonathan Soriano may have the hours counted in the FC Barcelona . The striker has received four major deals in the January and after certifying that Pep Guardiola does not have him to cover the floor of David Villa has decided a change. The Second A scorer last season chose the proposal of Red Bull Salzburg , whose leaders are traveling to Barcelona with the aim of closing the transfer.

In recent weeks, the striker has accumulated significant proposals subsidiary of Red Bull Salzburg and Benfica , which wanted to be with his services last summer, and Sporting Gijon and Zaragoza , which have also shown great interest in signing and. Jonathan, who kept a little hope that Guardiola thought of him to fill the vacancy at Villa, has finally studied the different offers that have come to his representative, Josep Maria Orobitg , and finally settled by the Austrian group.

Soriano has already reached an agreement with Red Bull Salzburg and sign a three-year and a half, until June 30, 2015 . And now only remains for the two clubs close morning transfer at the offices of Barça, everything points, according to advance Edu Polo in the Cadena Ser , would amount to 800,000 euros . The amount could increase depending on the classification of Red Bull Salzburg for the Champions League and the striker's goals. If everything is resolved favorably, would move forward tomorrow on a private flight to Austria, along with his assistant Orobitg and Pep Setvalls , to undergo medical examination and sign.

The Red Bull Salzburg running third in the league with 30 points , just two of the co-leaders, Rapid Vienna and SV Ried . The new team would be resumed Jonathan Soriano championship next February 11 in the field of Wacker . (via MD)

Abidal: "This victory We love a lot"

Eric Abidal was beaming after the big match made, especially in the second half, and after being one of the stars with his goal.

Abidal, who scored the goal definitva the party giving the victory to Barça, said at the end of it that "there was much difficulty in the first half but were much better in the second."

French explained that it was "a different and complicated" game when they asked him in this respect of the previous ones clásicos.

Finally he was very happy for the goal, his second of Barca, after he got last season in the Copa del Rey against Athletic Club de Bilbao, and declared: "this victory We love a lot."

It was a truly great goal with the outside, the Frenchman, who stunned Iker Casillas perfectly white defense and a shot that was not easy to perform. (via SPORT)

Así se vivió el Madrid - Barça en una peña blaugrana

Bartomeu: We don't notice Victor Valdés's absence"

The vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, pointed out that Pinto has been very good between the sticks, "has done a great party, the absence of Victor has not noticed."

As for Pepe's stomp Messi said: "I've seen it in the box we see the repetition in the field is more difficult, the arbitrator may be back and not realize it. We never think of the umpires. There anyone who decides and commands in the field that can speak on the record, the referee is for that. "

Also, do not think they will do anything about it: "We discussed internally, but it has happened on the pitch and the referee's job is not the way we look after what happened. We like fair play, we regret it happened, but we think we're going to do anything. "

As for the match against Real Madrid win today said: "It was a great game, has been spectacular. We could have scored one more goal, although we are very pleased with the outcome. May have a little over 50% of qualifying , but Madrid has very good team to overcome. "

"Today we have failed, we played better, but the Copa del Rey was won last year, for example. The tie is next Wednesday and see what happens," he ends. (via AS)

Butragueño: "This is not the end of the world"

The director of institutional relationships of Real Madrid eulogized the game of Barcelona and he wanted to justify the position: We have populated the center of the field, today it has cost them more."

Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relationships of Real Madrid, complained before the cameras of Canal+ the defeat of the white team in the Clásico before Barcelona: We have put on for before, but we have not been able to control the game and our weapons that are many, but Barça to take advantage it is able to muffle them."

"They dominate all records, offense and defense, the ball and play well when they lose recover quickly," referring Butragueño praised Barca game, although he hoped to return: "We have to keep fighting and find the key let us beat them "

On the alignment designed by Jose Mourinho, Butragueño said: "We have populated the midfield. In league play offensive and dominated and today we have struggled, we have not defended badly, we fought all that we could and we were able to Messi hold, but in a move he has left us. "

"We knew them up are very dangerous. Iker've had two that stopped near the stick, stick and head-first goal that really hurt us. Barça with favorable marker kills the game and starts playing and is very difficult "he said Butragueño, the domain of Barcelona in the game and in the possession of the ball.

He tried to downplay the defeat and find a hope for future shocks "are not invincible, we find the formula, but so far has cost us a lot, last year we were closer and we were better in the Super Cup. It's not the end of world, is a knockout cup and we are in January, is all of the season ahead. "

On the actions of Pepe, specifically the stomp Messi's hand, declined to give his version Butragueño: "We must be on the field, the tension, nerves and all that is at stake. Pepe is a very passionate and has passed. We know that is not ideal, but within the tension of a party could happen " (via AS)

Iker Casillas: "We do not have food the moral Barcelona '

Real Madrid goalkeeper attributed the defeat to Barcelona equalizer: "It's hard to defend set pieces lately. If it had been in a move that deserves it more ....".

Iker Casillas was disappointed after the 1-2 which leaves Real Madrid's heard in their struggle to defend their Cup championship crown and increases the feeling that they can not with Barcelona in direct duels. For the goalkeeper, the key has been the equalizer, just back from the break and in a dead-ball situation, which is not exactly one of the strengths of Barcelona: "In the first half we achieved what we wanted but marked on a dead-ball situation, which lately seems harder to defend us ... It's a shame because if they had marked on a play in which they had deserved more ...".

Casillas says not yet have a psychological problem when parties deal with the 'rival': "We have food morality but then come some games and others ... We have to play our weapons. They have one way to play and should be welcomed but we have to use our weapons. Our goal is to get through each day to compete against Barcelona and against all rivals." (via AS)

Guardiola: “We're playing against Madrid, I'm not taking anything for granted”

The Barça manager is pleased with the 1-2 result achieved at the Bernabéu but he warns that the second half of the tie still needs to be played and that Madrid is more than capable of securing their passage to the next round.

Guardiola admits that he’s “surprised” at the fact that this is Barça’s seventh consecutive match at the Bernabéu without knowing defeat.

Josep Guardiola showed himself to be very satisfied with his team’s performance after Wednesday’s win in the quarter-final away-leg match of the King’s Cup (1-2). However, the manager was quick to point out the quality of Mourinho’s side and added that he isn’t taking anything for granted in next week’s rematch at the Camp Nou: “we still have 90 minutes left, we’re playing against Madrid, I’m taking nothing for granted. They have the quality to win, we must be prepared. I insist that Madrid is capable of anything and we still have the return leg.”

The manager, while stating that playing at the Santiago Bernabéu “is always demanding,” highlighted Barça’s game: “we’ve played a good game here once again. The most important thing is that we’ve played half of the tie and we managed to get a positive result. We controlled the game and we recovered well from Cristiano’s initial goal. I believe we played a good game, we shouldn’t forget that we just played against Real Madrid. We generated good play and goal-scoring chances.”

Guardiola admitted that he was a bit surprised that this was the seventh consecutive game in which Barça hadn’t lost at the Bernabéu: “you always think that sooner or later this will all end. It’s not normal because this stadium is very imposing. The players know the importance of playing in a stadium like this and they behave themselves well. I hope that the people at home enjoyed the match. It’s true that we’re on a good trajectory, and we’re going home with the feeling that we acted like the team we truly are. Looking ahead to the return leg we have to study what we did right and what we did wrong. We have the second half of the tie still yet to play and we must be at a good level to reach the semi-finals.”

Lastly, after saying that Pinto “is a fantastic keeper” that gives him “a lot of confidence,” the manger revealed that before the match the team discussed the option of employing “long passes.” He added, “we wanted to have a game plan that would allow us to score goals. We talked about having long spells of possession. We didn’t want to have forced errors, because we knew that we’d find the last pass, and we found it.”

During the post-match press conference, Guardiola lauded Alexis: “I want to especially congratulate Alexis, because he played a fantastic match. He’s stolen my heart. He’s young and he came here with a lot of hope after renouncing a lot of things. He’s a hard worker and he scores ... he’s very loved. He’s also a very humble person. I believe that Barça made an extraordinary signing. He still hasn’t shown us what he’s capable of, when he does he’ll be even better.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rooney: "Pepe. What an idiot"

Pepe. What an idiot. Sometimes people wind u up.

Haha. That goal serves pepe right. (@WayneRooney)

The player of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, appeared in his 'twitter' comment on Pepe just after the play in which Messi's hand treads.

The player published a twit just after the action in which Pepe Messi stepped on the hand in which makes clear his disapproval of the action of the Portuguese.

Pepe, again in the eye of the controversy against Barcelona

The Portuguese, who played in midfield, he saw a yellow in the first half by a hard tackle Busquets and could be ejected for stepping on Messi with Argentina on the pitch.

Pepe turned to be more controversial actions of another 'Clásico'. The Portuguese left the defense and played in midfield as part of Mourinho's defensive gear to block Barcelona in the building. And although piecework, he had his best day because he slept well on the mark in the corner where Puyol scored the early goal and balanced Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pepe saw yellow in the first part of a hard tackle on Sergio Busquets in an area where there was no danger to your computer and then had a couple of actions that berated the players of Barcelona in the second half. First feigned an attack by Cesc in an action in which Barca midfielder was pushing him for the ball. Pepe expressively complained of a blow to the face and was not received on the ground until the Barcelona had to throw the ball away.

But the most controversial action was a stomp when the Argentine Messi, who had been a failure, was on the floor. Pepe came to his side and stepped into the hand of an apparently voluntary. (via AS)

[Copa del Rey; 1/4 final; Leg1] Real Madrid CF 1 - 2 FC Barcelona

The Barcelona won thanks to goals from two defenders, Puyol and Abidal. Cristiano was ahead of Madrid. Altintop and Carvalho, headlines defense Pepe, in the middle.

The matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona have become the showcase in which Pep Guardiola's team displayed all their virtues to the world and Mourinho all its defects and limitations. Something that starts on the bench. It is a matter of style. The Barcelona is to try to exaggerate their virtues, to maximize its resources in trying to grow from the ball, the reference of all, the item you are supported to grow and win. The style of the Madrid Mourinho did not know what is. We are reluctant to admit it to be closed in its field, as more teams go small and limited to the Bernabeu, amassing nine players ahead of Casillas error waiting for a rival, an isolated attack, a stroke of luck justifies everything. Madrid was not.

Madrid Pepe can not reference a template brilliant football. The image of Madrid is also projected by Pepe simulating attacks and hand stepping of Messi with the game stopped. The lustrous past of the club, the rolling personality with which built its brilliant history doesn't deserve the image that Madrid transmitted in this Clásico. The penultimate episode of this eternal grief and justified blushed about the path chosen long ago by the rival.

And is that Barcelona was where it was expected, did what it does, and does it very well. Surprised no one and left the Bernabeu may tie more than half assured. And not so much for the 1-2 final, but the overwhelming moral superiority and football, which has contributed so much as the boat itself Madrid. Matter of style.

Mourinho has everything he wants, enjoys more power than they have had all his predecessors combined, which has possibly the best squad in the recent history of Madrid, but all this is not enough to overtake Barcelona, ​​which only doubled the knee in the Cup final, which was a title, which is no small thing.

The first was how they were going to put players on the pitch. Next, see the attitude of each other. There is usually little doubt about the attitude, the willingness to face Barcelona games. After seeing the amazing alienation, with Altintop and Pepe Carvalho in it and in the midfield, had not much doubt what would be the behavior of Madrid, who despised the ball and handed it to Barcelona without any pretense.

Mourinho huddled his players ahead of Casillas. First, a line of four, surprising and unprecedented: Altintop, Carvalho, Ramos and Coentrao. Then, Pepe, Xabi Alonso on his right and left Lass. Open on the right side and Benzema appeared next to the left line was Christian to form a line of five when Barcelona had the ball, that is, almost always. The most advanced, or less ago, it was Higuain.

Xabi Alonso, Pepe and Lass went to look at every Barcelona player with the ball. What were Xavi, Cesc and Messi, mainly, and to a lesser extent Iniesta, bringing its area of ​​operations closer to Casillas.

Madrid defended by accumulation. All were delivered on defense, well together, quickly retreating, closing spaces that Barca had to make because Madrid were denied until Guardiola's men noticed the presence of the Altintop and Carvalho right side of the defense Madrid. Barca found there the gateway to paradise. But to get there had to suffer. He had to earn it. Madrid preferred to wait far behind, when ever he decided to make a forward pressure, the club had huge problems start to develop.

That was the tactic variant Mourinho chose this time to try to defeat Guardiola. Tallied nine men between Casillas and Higuain, Pepe reference to the team in midfield, tried to hinder the movement of the boat near Casillas, despised the possession and relied on the counter all his attacks, the only argument Madrid offensive . The problem was to run, his players had to travel 60 meters.

With all that meadow was time to go that Cristiano sported their qualities. Delivered to the defense, Alves entries cover rather than displayed in attack, Cristiano, throughout the first half, only seemed to Cristiano that he likes the public once. And it was a goal. The rest of the time was a Cristiano who likes to Mourinho. They had spent 11 minutes when Benzema set up a counter with a terrific pass to Cristiano, who won back to Alves, Pique beat for speed and beat Pinto under the legs. The goalkeeper could do more, much more.

Barcelona are not bothered with the goal. He went to the back four, with Busquets, Xavi and Cesc in the midfield and Alexis, Messi and Iniesta above. He stayed with the ball that he gave the mother, who disappeared in attack. Iniesta appeared with a deflected shot that Casillas did the head to head to the post Alexis after a great pass from Cesc and the only time he was seen in the first half, Messi demanded the best version of Casillas. This time there were doubts and the difference was in goal.

In between, Pepe made his first gift. A Busquets stomp that took the yellow card. Nothing comparable to the sorry spectacle that offered in the second half when simulated an attack by Cesc and Messi hit a hand with the game stopped. We top it all off with a ruling that allowed marking head tie Puyol just outside the locker room. Another badly defended corner for Madrid, and there are already few this season, and a new goal against.

Iniesta stroked goal after a play with Cesc. Between Ramos and post it avoided. How to avoid a head stick Benzema became the second Madrid, Pinto back to see them coming.

With its crumbling sandcastle, Mourinho restructured the team. Higuain and Lass retired, who got tired of running after rivals and ushered Ozil and Alley. What happened was that Messi shortly after he invented a pass for the 1-2 final set Abidal. Altintop was out of position, because the site was the whole match, and Carvalho offside claimed that he broke. (via AS)

[Match Stats]
Real Madrid: Casillas; Altintop, Sergio Ramos, Carvalho, Coentrao; Pepe (Granero, m.80), Xabi Alonso, Lass (Özil, m.66); Higuaín (Callejón, m.66), Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema.

Barcelona: Pinto; Álves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal; Busquets, Xavi (Thiago, m.86), Iniesta; Cesc (Cuenca, m.88), Messi and Alexis (Adriano, m.82).

Goals: 1-0, m.11: Cristiano. 1-1, m.49: Puyol. 1-2, m.76: Abidal.

Referee: Muñíz Fernández (Asturian committee). Admonished to Pepe (17), Coentrao (60), Callejón (68) y Carvalho (87) for Real Madrid; and to Piqué (20), Busquets (55) and Puyol (79) for Barcelona.

Incidents: first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey match at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, filled with the presence of 83,500 spectators.

The Committee upholds Iniesta's yellow card

The yellow card shown to the midfielder was upheld, Barça will not appeal the decision.

The Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Federation of Football (RFEF) have decided to uphold the yellow card shown to Andrés Iniesta during the match against Real Betis. The Committee contends that the post-match referee report accurately reflects what happened on the pitch.

FC Barcelona will not appeal the Competition Committee’s decision. (via FCBarcelona.cat)