17 January 2012

Allegations against Iniesta yellow card

The club’s legal services have presented video evidence that Andrés Iniesta should not have been booked.

On Tuesday, FC Barcelona presented allegations to the Competition Committee that the referee was wrong to issue a yellow card to midfielder Andrés Iniesta in the 68th minute of last weekend's game with Betis. The appeal includes video evidence.

Referee Iglesias Villanueva booked Iniesta for diving in the Betis area, but the video clearly shows that the player only fell because he had been fouled by a defender. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Di María enters the list for the Clásico against Barcelona

This was confirmed by Mourinho in the press conference before the game. It also recognized that "there is as good as expected."

Waiting for the Real Madrid make public the official list of squad for the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Cup against Barcelona, Ángel Di María is known to be. This was confirmed by Jose Mourinho at the press conference before.

Above, and dropped his intention to call but said he would not play Wednesday at the Bernabeu. "Not as good as expected. The feelings are not the best but we will wait," he said.

The 'Fideo' did not travel to Mallorca for the league match of the weekend, but takes three days trained normally with the rest of the team. (via AS)

Mourinho: "I do not play anything, just my personal satisfaction"

"There will be four or five changes," said the team that will present, but added that "played the best".
In defense of CR7: "If any man wants to play, we will have a problem because I will not leave".

"How many titles I have to earn my career not to play me? Thirty? I do not play anything. As in every game, my personal satisfaction, my happiness the next day." So annoyed, replied Jose Mourinho to Radio Marca journalist asked him if the Luso played a lot in this tie. The coach, as usual on the eve of big games, has been dry and sharp to the press.

The coach of Real Madrid did not want to disclose at any time which team will go to the Barca because "whatever you do criticize me." Of course, Di Maria enters the call. The only clue given was that compared to the last confrontation between the "four or five players will change." Since there has been dry, but clear: "I will not say my team. First, because I do not know, and secondly because it will not say" and added that "the League is a priority but morning is a great game and not that was a friendly play with the best possible. "

Commenting on his rival on Wednesday, Barcelona , Mourinho has been clear: "It's a great opponent, play defense with three or four. They won here a few weeks." His relationship with Guardiola as the Luso is standard: "I have no problem with it, I've never had," he said.

The coach of Real Madrid has come out in defense of their franchise player, Cristiano Ronaldo . "If any man wants to play, we will have a problem because I will not leave." Mou explained that he was "proud" of his fellow party in Mallorca: "A player who is accustomed to being the star, to mark, to be the man on the cover, against Mallorca, without playing well, he worked as an animal . working well, you do not score goals, it must be the man of the match. "

Jose Mourinho has admitted that "the Cup is the third goal, but more important is the game of tomorrow. "

"We did not play Champions League and we play Copa del Rey, yes, but nobody plays to lose. The team is eliminated has two games, which are in February and the Champions League already, and has the advantage of timing, but not We are hypocrites we have those two games and the club as well, "he admitted. (via MD)

[Former B player] Spurs snap-up Falque and send him out on-loan to Southampton

Tottenham have agreed a deal with Juventus for the permanent signing of Spanish midfielder Iago Falque.

The Spain Under-21 international had been on loan from the Turin side since last summer and has made six appearances for Spurs so far this campaign. However, they have opted to loan him to npower Championship leaders Southampton for the rest of the season. (via Daily Mail)

[Youth; Al Kass International Cup] FCB Juvenil B - Vasco da Gama

[Youth] Juvenil B wins QF All Stars in a friendly match in Doha (3-1)

García Pimienta explains that is about a great experience to play with Qatar Foundation and to know the patrons" The encounter he took place this Friday in the field of football of the Academy Qatar.

Juvenil B azulgrana faced this Friday with QF All Stars in a friendly match, in which Barça was imposed by 3-1. García Pimienta's team that is in Doha participating in the first edition from the tournament Al Kass International Cup that gathers to the young promises of the soccer sub-17, it played for the first time against Qatar Foundation since the two foundations began their relationship.

QF All-Stars, a team of students of the educational branch of QF that includes the Academy Qatar, the Academy of Leadership Qatar and the Center of Learning, faced the team sub-17 of FC Barcelona. García Pimienta was shown built up hopes by the game and highlighted that "the team of Qatar Foundation is strong and good, and he/she has much potential." The boys of All Stars was also very happy of receiving Barça: I have felt happy that FC Barcelona Foundation has come to Qatar to play a game with us", explained Ali Al Thani, captain of the team.

This Monday, Juvenil B will fight for the fifth position from the Tournament Al Kass. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pinto also knows how to win at the Bernabeu

He won his last two visits as a starter, both with the Celta League in 2005-06 (2-3) and 2006-07 (1-2).

José Manuel Paints it will play tomorrow of regular in Santiago Bernabéu for the first time since it arrived to Barça in January of 2008. But, at 36 years, will premiere at the stadium of Real Madrid , far from it. Home where he played five times with Celta, all in league match, and in the last two (2005-06 and 2006-07) got the win with stops decisive. If, as a member of the Barça squad success of 'Pep Guardiola was' in Chamartín, with Victor Valdes in goal, also his, as the main actor did not fare badly in the past.

There were two victories with history. On September 10, 2005, with a Celta one recently ascended to Primera, won 2-3 in the Bernabeu and embittered home presentation of the latest draft of the first stage of Florentino Perez, Robinho and Sergio Ramos as star signings for that 2005-06 season. He beat the Brazilian Ronaldo, a penalty, and Baptista, with a shot from close range, but the team rallied to Fernando Vazquez Wanderlei Luxembourg final with goals from Nunez and Cannobio. The Chilean Contreras had been 0-1. The goalkeeper of El Puerto de Santa María resisted white harassment.

Also well remembered is the victory of Celta in the following season in the Bernabeu , and with Ramon Calderon in office white. On November 5, 2006, Pinto was the main character in the first half hour before the Madrid with a recital of interventions after shots of Sergio Ramos (12 ') and Ronaldo (19' and 25 '). Nene, now in the PSG, won 0-1, but tied unmarked Emerson before the break at the exit of a corner. In the second part, Pinto remained very safe and gave wings to a Celta who scored the final 1-2 in 82 'by Jorge Larena mediation.

That was the first defeat of Real Madrid hero, Fabio Capello at the Bernabeu after 30 games unbeaten in two stages as a coach. Pinto, with a '3 'on '4', was the best score of the shock in MD.

The good taste of those two victories offsets the bitterness of his other three games as a starter at the Bernabeu, above all, also with Celta, 1-0 in the 1999-2000, 2000-01 and 3-0 in the 4-2 in 2003-04. But that was long ago ...

Messi, the scourge of Madrid and Cristiano

The last classic of the Bernabeu ended with whistles to CR7 as 'La Pulga' returned to Barcelona with three points. Tomorrow back to the stage of 'crime'.

The worst thing that happened to Cristiano Ronaldo's Leo Messi. This can be summarized as `living bereavement CR7 what 'La Pulga' Even before signing the Portuguese Florentino Perez to become the antidote to Argentine white scourge Autet classics of the last five years. The Madrid-Barça last December is paradigmatic. That night Leo did not score, but was leading 1-3 and leader of the Blaugrana. Instead, Christian felt the humiliation of hearing a few whistles in the same Chamartín.

Since then, the debate has only reinforced, because the Real Madrid striker is scoring many goals but they are not useful for your team.

A devastating report of 'Public' nicknamed him as "the lying scorer", and remembered that their 83 goals in the League have given to Real Madrid...three points. Only 3-2 in the Madrid-Osasuna and 1-1 in the Madrid-Barcelona (season 2009-10) have reported a profit sport. Of course, his other so-very decisive turning-is gold: the final of the Copa del Rey against Barcelona, ​​which meant the title.

In any case, a very poor balance for a player who pursue an image rejection causes many of the fans and, above all, cost 94 million euros. Value is simple demagoguery over thirty million each of his three crucial goals' ¿. Even his 113 goals in 117 appearances for Madrid (0.96 average) come at the price of caviar: 831,859 euros.

And, without doubt, the big problem is Leo Messi Cristiano Ronaldo. While other players, wisely, avoided the comparison, Arjen Robben, Neymar ...- he agreed to go to war had already lost.

First, Messi is recognized as a unique talent, the epoch-making and superior excellent players like 'CR7'. Far from being an arrogant image, conveys an almost pathological shyness about him the guy in the street. And most importantly, Leo is able to generate football but also, to score as he, and decisive. In total 19 goals this season in the league for 21 of the Portuguese. Moreover, the aforementioned study by Public `Does it explain that while 26.7 goals Ronaldo needs to score a point, the Argentine 7.2 are enough targets (a total of 138 in the league) to make points.

But the data just destroy Cristiano Ronaldo in this comparison is that Leo Messi is still, season after season, a curse for Real Madrid. In the 14 classics in which he has participated Rosario has scored 13 goals. After thrashing in the League (8 goals in 10 duels) in the Champions League (2 in 2) and the Supercopa of Spain (3 to 2), just missed the event in the Copa del Rey, the very night of glory 'CR7'. Tomorrow they go together again 'de Copas', (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio encourages staff and calls for "work" until the end

Barça B has eight defeats, while only won six games in the twenty rounds played.

Barça B returned yesterday to train at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. He did after returning from the Canary Islands, where it fits the eighth defeat of the season against UD Las Palmas. These are alarming numbers that put the branch down six points (the area of ​​promotion is to eleven). And is that the team has won only six games, a figure very poor, although sufficient for the moment, no roughing it in the face of salvation.

However, the Second Division is very long and very expensive paid forgetfulness. Eusebio Sacristan has not yet found the regularity needed to keep the tone in the template. Injuries, calls for the first team and other circumstances have prevented the technician from Valladolid to find the key that allows them to live in peace, without scares. The coach yesterday had a little talk with his players. "Let's go, we can not stop working. I will not quit, "he said. Eusebio asked his men to work, do not get asked to arms, that much remains to be championship and remain calm despite the bad results. The coach, in that sense, he gave encouragement and showed them his absolute confidence that come from this situation and regain the good feelings, not many weeks ago, had the equipment, when strung a run of six games without defeat in which achieved four victories.

The current streak, however, no cause for optimism. Only two points have been added in the last five matches, totaling at home to Almeria and Numancia. However, Barca B home has not added a single point in the last three movements. The strength outside of home shown previously 'of the six victories, four have been achieved far from the Mini Estadi' has passed to the history. Eusebiio refused to take a toll on his players, although the performance of any of them evidently has fallen, preferring to deliver all their trust in the form of encouragement. What I asked for and never tired of insisting it was to continue working hard because it is the everyday work of what they do return good results. On the other hand, he believes that the job training is carrying out in a positive way, something for what they also registered him.

The next two days will be key, since the Barca B will play at home, which has an outstanding all season. The Blaugrana are to Xerez and Huesca in a row. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ronaldinho makes the peace with Flamengo

Attacker Ronaldinho Gaúcho accepted a principle of labor agreement for the late wages and it traveled with Flamengo to Sucre, where the Brazilian team will enroll for the party of January 25 for the previous phase of the Glass Liberators before the Bolivian Real Potosí.

The player and businessman brother, Roberto de Assis, who had threatened that Ronaldinho would not play their first match of the Copa Libertadores by the wage problems with Flamengo, accepted the proposal lodged by the club and authorized the trip of the star with the rest of the campus.

Traffic, company that negotiates the rights of image of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, didn't pay the quotas in the last five months, for what the debt has already risen to 3,75 millions reais (about 2,09 million dollars), according to the footballer's agent.

Flamengo, according to its directors, undertook to remedy the situation and catch up with the salary of the player, whose highest percentage corresponds precisely to the image rights.

The player had a discreet performance in the two preseason games played in Londrina, Parana state, where the Flamengo tied to two against the champion, Corinthians, and won 1-0 at modest team of this southern town that participates Paranaense in the regional championship.

The Rio team just shipped to Santa Cruz de la Sierra with fifteen players, due to reasons similar wage defender Alex Silva gave up at the airport.

Silva, who was delayed a day in the preparatory work of the team in Londrina, argued that the problem unresolved contract would not travel to Bolivia.

Coach Vanderlei Luxembourg and shipped to Bolivia managers declined to comment to reporters at the airport on the state of defense.

The fifteen players traveled to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where to stay, and Tuesday will continue to Sucre, where they will remain until January 25 when they travel to Potosi.

The winner of the series between Flamengo Real Potosi and complete the Group II, which also includes Argentina's Lanus Ecuador's Emelec of Guayaquil and Paraguay's Olimpia de Asuncion. (via SPORT)

Cazorla believes that can come them "well" that Barça play before the Clásico

The Malaga midfielder Santi Cazorla said today, Monday, before next Sunday's visit of Barcelona to the Rose Garden that they " might come in handy "than the rival play the Clásico against Real Madrid on Wednesday in the Copa , but does not believe that " influences them a lot "because team azulgrana" is the best . "

At a press conference, Cazorla has shown disappointed his team yesterday after falling 2-1 at Sporting Gijon in added time and lose the sixth, and acknowledged that they are not " doing well "and that the Málaga "lacks a point of everything to be what they" want "to be and being where" want "to be." The Spanish international felt aggrieved by the arbitration of Del Cerro Grande , indicating that after the game he learned that the 1-0 of sportinguista Gálvez was "offside", while ensuring that the same player made ​​him "a clear penalty "when he is" alone with the goalie and the defense "would" drag "according to his version.

" He went well and was able to change the sign of the game , "said resignedly, the player Spaniard, who added, however, Malaga has to" make things better in many ways ", as the team matched to one in 87 minutes and, " as it draws, try to keep the tie and not lose in 92 minutes . " Cazorla also added that he does not judge the referees, but after the game said the play of the possible penalty to the school and was told that " he had not been clear and that was just wrong , "although" the performance the referee is complicated and must be respected . "

On the bad run of results, by bringing the team five games without a win, said that the game in Gijón was important because I could have approached the fourth. "It's a shame because it was a day of games between area rivals European we could have come much closer "to the positions of the Champions League , stressed Cazorla, but regretted that no end to "use these occasions to cut."

After returning from Asturias, the template that directs the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini began preparing for Sunday's game against Barcelona in Malaga, in a session that the group trained with Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Argentine defender Martin Demichelis which, with some discomfort, worked in the gym. It was also low forward jellyfish Juan Miguel Jimenez 'Juanmi' , being concentrated with the Spanish Under-19.

In a more gentle workout that made ​​headlines in Gijón and more intense for the rest, with exercise and a reduced field partidillo, were not apart of the injured midfielders Sergio Paulo Barbosa 'Duda' and Antonio Galdeano 'Apoño ' . The Portuguese was a problem in the left calf and Malaga, a low back pain. respectively. The template will rest Tuesday and return to work the next day. (via MD)

Estrella Damm features Barça in their new spot

The Catalan beer making company presents a new spot called ‘inimitable,’ Barça’s first team features in the spot. The Catalan-German actor Daniel Brühl is this year’s featured protagonist, along with nine FC Barcelona players.

Xavi: “we will be as bold as ever in the Bernabeu”

The Catalan midfielder has made it clear that the team won’t be taking a cautious approach on Wednesday at the Bernabeu: “we’ll try and attack and dominate possession”. Xavi admitted that the games against Madrid: “have an extra motivational factor”.

If there's any Barça player who knows a lot about games against Madrid, it's Xavi Hernádez, who has been a member of the first team for the last 13 years and he plumped for last season's 5-0 win as the best of the match ups, explaining: "it was pure Barça – excellent!" Wednesday will see another game and Xavi insisted that the fact that it's the first of a two legged tie doesn't mean the team won't: "be as bold as ever – we don't know how to go and play for a draw and we will aim to go out and attack. We'll play with our trademark style and philosophy, exciting, spectacular and looking for a goal – the more goals you score away from home, the better!"

Xavi also reckons there will be no need for special incentive for the game: "these games have an extra motivational factor, which means the team are really fired up from the start. They are a historic rival and it's a special ground."

The Catalan also commented on Mourinho's team's current form: "they are now going toe to toe with us. They pressure us more up the pitch. Theirs is a very direct football, with players who can kill you on the break and are really fast up front."

The match will also see the top three players in FIFA's Ballon d'Or in action and as one of them, Xavi discussed the other two - Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: "Leo will always make the difference. He's usually a decisive player and he's someone who grows with these games and likes playing in these games."

As for Madrid's main man, Xavi doesn't see him having a problem with the relative lack of goals of late: "strikers do have runs of scoring and sometimes they dry up, it's something a player gets used to –especially goalscorers."

Echoing Pep Guardiola's comments on Saturday, Xavi was full of praise for Sergio Busquets and expressed his belief that: "he should have been in the FIFPro World XI. He's an extraordinary player and he rarely makes a mistake either in attack or defence. He gives us balance and is key to our system. He's more valued by his fellow professionals than by the media."

Finally, Xavi was quizzed about the recent decisions by referees that have denied the team what looked like clear penalties against Espanyol and Betis: "this year the ref's decisions have gone more against us, but last year it was the other way round. It's all just a part of the job."

The game against Betis marked Xavi's 400th league appearance for the Club, but he insists that: "personal and individual records are not in my mind – I just want collectively for us to continue winning, taking titles – that's the main objective for the squad this season. I just try and enjoy every day and I'm having a good time on the pitch and I have been given an extraordinary role." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Éric Abidal renews his contract

The Frenchman renews his contract with the Club until June 30th, 2013. The agreement contains a provision to extend the contract until 2015.

FC Barcelona and Éric Abidal have reached an agreement to extend the player’s contract by one year, until June 30th, 2013. The agreement includes a provision to extend the Frenchman’s contract until 2015, with automatic yearly renovations from 2013 through 2015.

Éric Abidal has played a total of 177 official games for FC Barcelona in the four and a half seasons he’s been at the Club. During his time as an Azulgrana, he has scored one goal - in last season’s Cup - and he successfully overcame the tumour on his liver, making him one of the fan favourites. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Happy 32nd Birthday Seydou!

Barça’s Mali midfielder - who is away with his national team at the African Nations Cup, is 32 today.

January is a busy month for birthdays at the Camp Nou and this Monday it was Seydou Keita's. The midfielder has made 172 appearances in his three and a half years at the Club and scored 19 goals in that time and is currently preparing for Mali's opening fixture in the African Nations Cup against Ghana on January 24th. (via FCBarcelona.cat)