04 January 2012

[Ex-player] Ronaldo Nazario has been hospitalized for treatment of dengue virus

The Brazilian exfutbolista Ronaldo Nazario da Lima fue ayer hospitalized to be treated for dengue, according to Hoy discloses itself Account su mayor in twitter.el scorer in the history of them worldwide.

The former player of clubs like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Inter Milan and even published a photograph that sits on a hospital gurney while being hydrated with serum. " Good morning for those who started the year with dengue , "said two-time world champion in explaining the content of the photograph." Thanks for caring. I'm in recovery. Now I have to try to stand to be well quickly, "said in another comment shortly after and receiving multiple messages from fans who wanted improvements.

The exfutbolista, in a message posted on Tuesday, branded as " damned mosquito "Aedes aegypti, whose sting is responsible for the transmission of dengue virus.

Ronaldo retired from tennis in February last year to 34 years as a player of Corinthians, the second most popular club in Brazil after Flamengo. Soon after his retirement, exgoleador opened a consulting firm for athletes and last December took up a post as a member of the World Cup Local Organising Committee of which Brazil will host in 2014.

According to forecasts by the Ministry of Health, about fifty cities in Brazil may suffer epidemics of dengue during the current austral summer and 236 others are on "alert." According to the Ministry, the high temperatures and rains that characterize the summer season, which began on December 21, create a favorable environment for the proliferation of mosquito transmits the disease.

The latest official figures on the situation of dengue in the country revealed that 310 people died in Brazil because of dengue during the first half of 2011, which represented a reduction of 44 percent over the same period in 2010. (via MD)

Villa: "My goal is to be able to help Barça in the final of this season"

David Villa explains in his blog that the recovery process is followed and animated displays in adversity.

"Since I was injured on 15 December in the Club World Cup semifinal in my head just happens to recover as soon as possible of this untimely fractured tibia. To do this, and after a successful operation because I have (...) to work tirelessly in a recovery underway in the right direction. And in the rehabilitation work is playing an important role a device that has become a friend. These magnet machine, "said the Spaniard in his new blog.

"The first goal set in this recovery is to weld the tibia as soon as possible. And that's helping this magnet machine. Thanks to her, it stimulates a greater assimilation of calcium, a factor which is very important for bones reinforcing. In this case, the greater assimilation of calcium helps the bone to weld in less time. Use this machine has become an activity more of my daily routine. I put it one hour in the morning and another hour later in the evening, "he adds.

And says: "For my part I will do everything that I recommend to leave this recovery process as best as possible and within the deadlines set. My goal is to help FC Barcelona in the final stretch of the season and be available if Vicente del Bosque wish to include in the notice to contest the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland. " (via SPORT)

Barça and Chelsea, after the steps of Zakaria Labyad

Chelsea and Barca would be interested in taking the services of midfielder Labyad Zakaria, PSV Eindhoven.

According to the potal of news 'imscouting.com', the 18 years is sought by both the English and by Chelsea FC Barcelona.

Labyad arrived to PSV Eindhoven with 12 years, signed its first contract professional in 2009 and debuted later in the first team twelve months, to the 16 year-old age. Their idol is the blaugrana Ibrahim Afellay and they have been compared in more than an occasion... (via SPORT)

Messi and Valdés, down flu

They will get lost the tonight game against Osasuna.

Leo Messi and Victor Valdes will miss the first game of 2012 will face tonight at Barcelona and Osasuna at the Camp Nou (22 h.). Although in principle the two players would start the match on the bench, forward it landed in Barcelona yesterday and goalkeeper because the Cup is Pinto's backup will not be either in the call, as they suffer a bout of flu, as announced the club's medical services in a statement.

In principle, Messi and Valdés will be able to compete in Sunday's derby against Espanyol in Cornellà (21.30 h.). (via MD)

Inter Milan dreams that Guardiola doesn't renew

The whole 'neroazzurro' is one of those who have been waiting longer than Sampedor not renew his contract for the Catalans, and year after year now looks like have to wait for his dream to sit on the bench Guardiola.

"Nothing to report. As soon as the first to know something will be the president." Guardiola's words were yesterday in a press conference. Statements that can be interpreted in many ways. In Italy, seen as a technical possibility that the fibnal out of Barcelona this season. La Gazzetta dello Sport 'thereby ensures that Inter would be on the lookout.

The 'neroazzurro' is one of those who have been waiting longer than Sampedor not renew his contract for the Catalans, and year after year now looks like have to wait for his dream to sit on the bench Guardiola. Who wants more craving his signing is Inter's president Massimo Moratti, a lover of style Guardiola admitted. For contractors would be willing to put a blank check, regardless of the number.

Yet it appears that the illusions that are made in Italy will remain on that, illusions. Guardiola is expected, probably sooner rather than later, will announce its renewal with Barcelona for another year, as usual. His departure would probably be in June 2013, at the end of next season. And as has been telling AS, Marcelo Bielsa is the favorite to replace him. What is not in doubt is that when the day of his departure for Pep will not lack offers, and one of them will be of interest. (via AS)

FC Barcelona - Osasuna: First game of the new year

Messi and Alves, who rejoined the squad late, and Iniesta, who was injured against l’Hospitalet, are the main doubts. Osasuna are fifth in the league with 25 points, having only lost one game.

In Spain, January 6th is the day that the Kings bring presents, but this game is like an early gift for the fans. The Christmas break is over and football is back at the Camp Nou, and with all the magic and unpredictability of the cup against a side that is riding high in fifth place. You can never take anything for granted in a knockout competition, and all the more so against a team coached by Mendilíbar, who always likes to throw caution to the wind when he faces Barça. And that's what we can expect in tonight's cup tie, where Barcelona will be looking to get a good result to take with them to Pamplona in seven days time.

There are lot of uncertainties surrounding this encounter. That is always going to be the case just after the holidays, when several FC Barcelona players were away for some time. That's especially true of the South Americans, who have been back in their own countries for Christmas, namely Alves and Messi. The duo have both been back training this week, but some might still think it is too early for them to play competitive football.

The Argentinian has only trained twice since returning, and although he is as keen as ever to play, his manager may have different thoughts. There are also concerns about Iniesta, who was injured in the previous round against l'Hospitalet. Guardiola told a press conference on Tuesday that the midfielder is certainly ready to take his place in the team, but perhaps not for the full ninety minutes.

Guardiola is never the kind of man to dwell on the past, and he made it patently clear that the fact that his team inflicted a humiliating 8-0 defeat on Osasuna in September has nothing to do with this return meeting. Rather than expecting a similar rout, he believes it is more likely that Osasuna will have learned their lesson and will be coming with the added motivation of seeking to make amends for that setback. Also, this is a knockout game played over 180 minutes, very different circumstances indeed.

Despite that 8-0 loss at the Camp Nou and a similar 7-1 drubbing at the Santiago Bernabéu, Osasuna have been having a brilliant season. They have only lost one other league fixture and are fifth in the table with an impressive 35 points, just four less than Levante, who currently occupy the fourth Champions League slot. So, we can expect a match of the very finest quality to start the new year. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca is set in the jewel of the Manchester branch of Ravel Morrison

The young midfielder meets contract at the end of this season.

The young 18 year-old talent, Ravel Morrison, is in the orbit of Paris Saint Germain and of FC Barcelona as reported by Sky Sports. Also clubs like Arsenal and Manchester City are interested in this rough diamond. The amount you should pay to gain the services of the player is small, about 200. 000.

However, there is a factor that could increase the final amount of the transfer as though Morrison is free at the end of this season, Manchester United would be entitled to collect compensation for training costs of the player, who has not yet reached age 24. The teenager, who appear less than interested in the supply from the offices of Old Trafford, will be free to negotiate with Barça and the PSG as they are the two clubs as the British media have shown more interest in the player.

Morrison is considered the most talented player of his class in the ranks of United and, according to their own technicians, also from the above that have left the Manchester branch for several years. (via SPORT)

Pep will decide today on Messi and Iniesta

As always, Leo wants to play, Andrew is not the regular.

The starting lineup for today is difficult to formulate because there through excessive conditions to bet safely by either player. Only Pinto , on the condition of the keeper of the Cup, has secured the position. The rest of the findings will remove Pep training before the game today.

The main puzzle is whether Messi will start. When Argentinian star should not ask because he is always willing to play input. This season has missed only four games and for reasons pilgrims. One because he returned to play with Argentina and touched him being a backup, another because he was with the selection, the third because it was not necessary in the Champions League and the fourth for a vacation.

A Leo is not taking the field when it infuriates him and Pep knows. The question is who has enjoyed six days more holiday than the rest and only has a couple of days exercised . It points to the bench in case you need to finish the job with a loose result.

Iniesta is another reasonable doubt. It has shortened the period of recovery from his hamstring injury and logic ticket booking advised to avoid a relapse. It will start, but coach could give him minutes as the script for the game. The call is 18 players and allows more alternates.

Abidal may fall in this list. Drag a bad cold and could be weakened. Puyol and Alexis have also left behind several complaints but their options for action are more consistent. The captain was out of Catalunya-Tunisia and perhaps reserved for the derby, while the Chilean injured in the Club World Cup, was until two days apart from the group. Who does appear in all the pools of eleven is Keita. On 9 Cup goes to Africa and it would be normal also play against Espanyol in La Liga. (via MD)

Barca want to solve and the knockout Cup against Osasuna

Guardiola wish to liquidate the knockout Cup against Osasuna and turn around in a process. There is a sign of arrogance but will lighten the January calendar as charged.

Camp Nou tonight will host the first game of a year 2012 promises to be exciting for Barca. The appointment is with the Cup, of which Barcelona is the King (25 titles), and the rival, Osasuna (22 h./Tele5, TV3 and Telemadrid) in the first leg of the round.

The intent of Pep Guardiola is to this night all the means at its disposal to make the tie resolved as possible. Not that they underestimate Mendilibar team or to be taken as a reference which ended 8-0 with the last league match against Navarre. Not that it is not the style of coach azulgrana and his players. From what point is to maximize the field factor and the many casualties that reached Barcelona the Navarre.

Guardiola has analyzed very well the calendar that comes over to your team in this January and sees the second leg, wedged between league matches against Espanyol and Betis, can be a stone in the shoe if it is left qualifying sentence, or almost.

Barca coach knows that in Pamplona not wait with garlands and confetti next week. Although time has passed since then, the fans do not forget that fateful pinko episode for Barca late arrival of the kingdom of Navarre in the last league match. Yes, there were air traffic controllers strike. Federation also true that confused the Barca hinting that the game could be postponed. But the final conclusion was that Guardiola and his men arrived late after waiting at the Camp Nou a final decision of the Federation and the LFP and within Osasuna that attitude was interpreted as a gesture of arrogance culé.

It will also play against Barca how cold it will next week in Navarre and, perhaps, the state of the pitch. Not forgetting that Osasuna , despite the 8-0 against Barca conceded, is making a creditable campaign in the league, which is fifth.

For all that, now bet on Barca coach a team without several holders, especially those who have lately been 'tocados', but will still be first rate. Guardiola has yet to finish clearing the big question: whether or not the holder makes to Messi after training has only carried out with the group, yesterday, after the holidays. This afternoon just decide with Tito Vilanova , who happily returns to the bench of Camp Nou, facing a clash butler in which you can cite to 18 players. Despite the cold and the time it is expected more than half inning in a Nou Camp that will change the pitch after the match and in today, definitely, you are forbidden to smoke.

Osasuna: 7 more casualties and Andrew Nino

José Luis Mendilibar has left home striker Nino and goalkeeper Andrés Fernández to give them rest. Ricardo and Roberto Torres take their places. Finally, Roversi has also been left off the list for a muscular and well joined to an infirmary that is filled to the brim with Echaide, Rubén, Marc Bertrán, Masoud, Raúl García and Kike Sola. The former Barcelona Damià it has traveled. (via MD)

Madrid will not send anyone to the Ballon d'Or gala

Barça will displace a delegation formed by some 25 people, between players, family, directive and the coach. Madrid, to anyone.

FC Barcelona is finalizing the details for moving next Monday bound for Zurich, where FIFA will officially unveil the winner of the Ballon d'Or 2011 and where you are planning a new recognition Barca football and philosophy.

As usual in these galas, FIFA put a private plane available to the Catalan to facilitate the movement of the procession, which this year will be much smaller than last year, when Barcelona showed an absolute hegemony nominations best player in the world with Leo Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta as candidates. In this occasion, the Argentinean and the egarense they will share the focuses, with the madridista Cristiano Ronaldo like third actor in the nominations, although the players azulgranas and especially Messi surrounds all the bets to the prize.

The president Sandro Rosell will lead a delegation on this occasion, will consist of around 25 people, including managers, players, families of the winners, coach Pep Guardiola and his right hand, external relations director, Manel Estiarte. In addition to the Ballon d'Or nominees, Messi and Xavi, is scheduled to travel to Zurich only other players who should collect a trophy, in this case as members of FIFA's best team, including eleven players are nominated Barca . While the coach hopes to be chosen as the Best Coach of 2011.

The expedition will depart from Barcelona Catalan at 11 am on Monday, just hours after facing the Espanyol Cornella-El Prat. Upon landing in Zurich, and depending on the schedule, the players and the coach should move directly to the Congress to meet the official press conference of the three candidates for best player and best coach. Like every year, FIFA made available to all guests lodging at the Hotel Park Hyatt to make time before the gala awards ceremony will begin at 19 h. Just after the ceremony, the expedition again Barca Barcelona, ​​where he will arrive around midnight the same day.

Last year, the club made an exception and moved to Switzerland two planes. The fact that the three nominees last year were three players Barca came out of the quarry caused the unprecedented deployment, which was attended by former players, extécnicos, employees historic entity, the president Agustí Montal and fifteen members the current board.

As has been dormant in recent months, sportsmanship is not one of the values ​​that stand at the heart of Real Madrid. No member of the insole meringues they wants to see as the world of the soccer she surrenders homage, one year again more, to FC Barcelona, to their players and their coach, and they have found the perfect excuse to be able to 'escaquearse'. FIFA gala held on Monday and white team dispute around the Cup in Malaga the next day, so claiming that when the template will be traveling gala in Zurich will not be able to see or to Joseph Mourinho or any of the players of first team squad for the match.

Already last year, the Portuguese became evident when he arrived late to the show and did not attend the press conference before. Still received the award for Best Coach for his campaign at Inter. Aware that this year Madrid will stay in white, the meringues are not willing to attend the victorious walk of Barça in Zúrich. (via SPORT)

Santos have to close two teams to pay Neymar

Santos president, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, announced the closure of girls' football teams and futsal team, because they can not afford high wages due to Neymar.

"Keeping Neymar was a gesture of great daring (...) but has a cost. Winning titles is more expensive wages and unbearable not having to cut costs," Ribeiro said in a news conference.

The leader of Santos explained that the funding of these two teams depended on the club box, since there were not enough sponsors given the limited interest of the television. "If you close your account, you return to debt and the risk of ending up in the fall," summed Ribeiro, who called the decision "difficult."

Santos rode his women's team in 2009, joined the best Brazilian players of today and won the first two editions of the Libertadores Cup, organized by the club itself. The futsal division was opened in 2011, the club joined the Brazilian Falcão, voted the best player in the world on two occasions, 2004 and 2008 and finished as champions.

However, the club has had to face a millionaire wage increase to keep Neymar, the main star of the team, who recently renewed his contract until 2014, despite offers from Real Madrid and Barcelona. Neymar's salary, one of the highest in the world, around 15 million euros a year, including contracts with sponsors, according to press reports not confirmed by the club. (via SPORT)

The lesson of life of Soufian

TV3 program about a disabled child 11 years half a million thrills Catalan.
Guardiola has dedicated high praise: "It is an example of how to overcome the miseries".

"It is a lesson of life." Well describió Pep Guardiola's documentary 'Soufian, the boy who wanted to fly' ('Soufian, the child that drought fly'), about a child under 11 years old Moroccan who lives in Manlleu and that with 8 le amputaron the piernas due to a malformation. A documentary that moved to those more than half million of Catalan that saw it through TV3 that got a quota of screen of 15,2%.

Produced by TV3 sports department, specifically Santi Padró , Bernat Miró , Jesús Muñoz and Xavi Torres , the program tells the story of overcoming Soufian, without legs who manages to make a life as normal as possible with their peers school and his family in Barcelona Manlleu population. Parents, school principal, mentors, teachers and coaches, people close to Soufian agree that the child "may become what he wants" when he grows up, by sheer force of will. "He knows how to catch happiness," said his mother Ouafae . His positive attitude excites Leo Messi , whom he met on several occasions, as well as the famous actor TV3 series 'Polseres Vermelles' ('Red Rings') Alex Monner . Messi talked with him, played on the lawn of the Ciutat Esportiva, dedicated prostheses and came to dedicate a goal legs touching.

During the film, Argentina Soufian tells: "I admire you." This morning, at a press conference, Guardiola has also noted that "the strength of the child is extraordinary, says it all, is an example of how it must overcome the miseries of this life." Pep also had words for his parents ("They are an example of integration and have given a lesson by which politicians") and TV3: "I congratulate all those who have made this wonderful documentary and the director of TV3, which hell of a television. Hopefully for many years to continue programs such as emotional. " (via MD)

Moya: "Barcelona has not requested us entrances for the derby"

Security CEO calls for "segregating violent groups". He further states that "no problem" with that Barca fans come to Cornellà.

The security adviser to the RCD Espanyol , José Manuel Moya , has denied that the club blanquiazul not allow access to fans of FC Barcelona for next Sunday's showdown Jan. 8 and said that "its board has not asked us tickets derby. " "We have no problem with Barca fans come to our house. But what we all want is segregating violent groups, we do not give the slightest encouragement. We have taken security very seriously and do not want the violent enter in any way, "said Moya.

The Minister of Espanyol, however, added that the tickets will always be linked to a nominal record. "We want to identify who buys them to control access," he noted.

Moya has insisted that Barça has not asked for input and had asked that if "they would have given."

Moya has lamented that five days of the derby will be talking about the tickets and not "how nice it would win at Barcelona, ​​which right now is the best team in the world."

The game, as always in the derby, has been declared high risk and will have the same security measures in previous editions. (via MD)

[Barça B] Oriol Rosell doesn't surrender and will continue until the season end

The centre-back is living an atypical situation, but strive to be a place where the best club in the world,

The staff of Barça B has an exceptional case. Luis Enrique stage in front of the branch was characterized by the distribution of opportunity among all players. However, Eusebio Sacristan block prefers to bet on a more defined, although it was prejudicial to players in the growth phase as in the case of Oriol Rosell.

The defender, 19, has spent a year of being a fixture in the Youth A successful Oscar Garcia that won the treble 'To pass the absolute ostracism. Rosell is the only staff member of the club, except the injured Ilie Sanchez, who has not played a single minute in the second division A. And that his attitude in training has been exemplary. It has always been at the bottom of the canyon and has shown no public complaint by a strange lack of minutes.

His eternal substitution, however, has lowered the morale of a player. Although the club raised the option of a transfer, the player has no intention of changing the air during the winter. Rather, its purpose is to continue to fight each workout to get a chance to prove itself allows. The season is long in the second division A and the player will not throw in the towel. Rosell has a contract until 2013 and leave the boat always carries the risk of running out of the opportunity to return, although the last two experiences assigned, Marti Riverola and Isaac Cuenca, were very helpful.

Everything indicates that the case is not the only Rosell and other players who have very little continuity also advanced their options in the template Barça B. This is the case of Gustavo, who is recovering from a hamstring injury or Femenía Kiko, who arrived as one of the players called to be a reference on the computer and so far, is struggling to enter the computer gear. Eusebio will still have a large workforce to meet the second round of the competition. (via SPORT)

Gatti: "In times of Maradona, Pele and Cruyff, Messi would have been alternate"

Hugo Orlando Gatti remains committed to going the other way around the world. Only he sees the football like this ...

Or he likes a lot of polemizar and that it is spoken of him, or it is clear that Hugo Orlando Gatti, the Argentinean former porter, has a vision of the soccer that very few people in the world should share. And on Tuesday he again demonstrated in an interview with Radio La Red.

Gatti seems tenérsela move to FC Barcelona and, even more surprising is his countryman Leo Messi. This was evident when asked about the best player in football history. "The biggest is Pele without discussion, then come Alfredo, Cruyff, Diego. At that time, Messi was not playing safe to the bank. "And this view is not only for Messi, but for their comrades in Barcelona." Any of those players who say they are the best team in the world at the time of Maradona or Cruyff were no headlines. "And is that the conclusion that makes the" Loco "Gatti is that" You take it out Barcelona Messi and Dani Alves and 'Barcelonita.' "

Former Argentine goalkeeper also had harsh words to Neymar. "It is a shame to see the one that better player from America says requesting the T-shirt to Messi, that is of cholulo."

On the Madrid-Barcelona final, played before Christmas, was also blunt. Real Madrid to Barcelona will not win the last classic because CR7 pulled out a shot that was like a criminal. Real Madrid then grabbed her and Barcelona cagómetro passed it up. "

Finally, Gatti also discussed the possibility that either Marcelo Bielsa's replacement once Pep Guardiola. And in this case was overwhelming. "This Barcelona, ​​technically I am". (via SPORT)

Mendilibar: "To eliminate Barça would be a miracle"

Osasuna coach José Luis Mendilibar, has described as "miracle" to eliminate the Barcelona and has indicated that it is necessary that the Barca team have a "bad day" to get a good result at the Camp Nou game.

"Barcelona are the best team in the world and everything has been said that," said Mendilibar at a press conference after training in Tajonar before leaving the city. "It will be complicated. Some of his players arrived yesterday, today train and are not noticeable. The others have to do pre-season and a lot of things to get well and they do not even needed it," he assured.

The vizcaíno coacht has pointed out that Osasuna travels to Barcelona in a good moment after a gust of seven parties without to lose and to end up the year 2011 in fifth position, but has stated that there is a difference between the two "big" of the League and the other teams. "There is much difference between the first two and the rest there is no competition possible. They are the two best in the league and the world. So you have to wait for them to have a bad day, because although you can do if they are an amazing time and you put losing, "he opined.

He indicated that the goal is to "get to Pamplona next week with a possibility" and has argued that the embedded 8-0 at Camp Nou in La Liga in September or affect the team tomorrow and will determine its approach. "The conditions I do not win tomorrow's approach, but we must learn from what we did well that day and if we can improve something. If we learn from mistakes and they have more difficulty we get a result. If we make the same mistakes sure we will get for your hair, "he said.

Mendilibar has stated that Osasuna must play "super concentrated" and must "be well" to compete against Barcelona: "Let's see how they catch you with them: whether they are still on vacation." "Some may say that how well we are going to Barcelona. All we intend to say that I do not know what or who knows how many and return all with a bag of goals. He who does so is because Barça has not taken the time, but has had them, "he observed.
Basque coach said it would be good for all staff to follow Osasuna live in the Cup: "I always said that when the computer is it is important that everyone feels eager to return to training because he knows he is at least a competition or a game, "" There will be minutes for the entire world. In that sense, we will see if there can be no miracle and two cup matches, "he said.

When asked about Barcelona's initial request to change the order of the matches, Mendilibar said: "They said it was in the country. I do not know if it was an excuse or not, there has been". "They were the ones who raised the initiative. The federation does not seem to have been left or been pushed back before he said anything the federation. The draw was not. We did not consider or why it was or if we played first at home or outside, "he concluded. (via SPORT)

Juan Carlos Unzué, Osasuna's last hero

In the 1986/87 season, the current FC Barcelona goalkeeper coach was Osasuna’s hero in the only time the Navarros dumped Barça out of the Cup.

Destiny can be like this at times. The current goalkeeper trainer for FC Barcelona, Juan Carlos Unzué, was Osasuna’s hero in the only time the Northerners eliminated Barça from the King’s Cup. In the 1986/87 season, the last-16 playoff between FCB and Osasuna came down to a penalty shootout, after Osasuna won at the Camp Nou (0-1) and Barça won at El Sadar (0-1). Unzué, 19 years old at the time, saved one of the five Barça penalties -Marcos’ shot, specifically- and dumped the Catalans out of the competition. Osasuna scored all five of their spot kicks.

That was the only time that Osasuna bested Barça in the King’s Cup. Barça won the other four Cup meetings between the two teams. The first time they met was in the 1935/36 edition of the Cup in the semifinals, where Barça won 9-5 on aggregate (7-1 victory and 4-2 loss).

Since then, both teams have battled in the Cup on three occasions: 1983/84 (quarterfinals), 1987/88 (semifinals) and 1999/00 (quarterfinals). On all three occasions the Azulgranas came out on top with relative ease: 6-3, 3-0 and 6-0 (aggregate results). This Wednesday will be the sixth time Catalans and Navarros meet in the competition. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Supporters Clubs have started strongly on the social networks

The supporters’ clubs movement has a new meeting place on the web.

With the coming of the new year, it's time to take another step forward in communication between FC Barcelona and its supporters clubs. Following the launch of the new web platform, which premiered on November 3rd, the Club is expanding it's presence on the worldwide web.

During the plenary session held last December, the Club and Supporters' Clubs Advisory Council agreed on introducing the penyes movements to the social networks. Hence, one of the thematic comissions focus its efforts on social networks and new technologies.

From now on, the supporters clubs now have their place on social networks. Facebook and Twitter will be used to collect the opinions and concerns of the Barça supporters clubs, ​​as well as being an extra tool to distribute all official FC Barcelona information.

If you have a Facebook account, just log-in here with your username and click on "Like". As for Twitter, you can follow FCB Supporters Clubs by clicking here. (via FCBarcelona.cat)