02 January 2012

Schweinsteiger is unmarked of the comparisons with Xavi and Iniesta

Bastian Schweinsetiger explained that "Xavi and Iniesta are two excellent players, but I think differently, make more air balls".

The Bayern Munich's Bastian Schweinsteiger, spoke about a recent statement made by current coach Jupp Heynckes, matching the cracks midfielder Barça Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta.

Concretely, the 66 year-old coach, affirmed on Schweinsteiger "is the heart of the team, a midfielder with outstanding technical ability. Always take the right decisions, is on par with Iniesta and Xavi."

The player, meanwhile, wanted to show a different view to that of his coach, but not contradictory, and did not hesitate to praise the two 'small people' of Barça.

"They're both excellent players, no doubt. But I think a little different, especially in physical terms. I win balls in the air simply because of my height, but also make decisions different from yours. But obviously, I taste like what Jupp is referring", said Schweinstiger. (via SPORT)

Adriano: “The squad is very excited and ambitious to win the Cup again”

The Brazilian number 21 spoke to the media after training this morning and insisted that the squad were totally focused on Wednesday’s game against Osasuna and determined to fight to win the only title they gave up last year.

The Brazilian praised Josep Guardiola, thanks to whom he believes: “people all over the world can now see the game in a different way”.

The squad have started the New Year just as they finished the old –full of ambition. That was the message from Adriano this afternoon, who insisted the players are totally centred on the first game of 2012 – the Cup tie against Osasuna on Wednesday at the Camp Nou: "I really want to win the Cup with Barça. We missed out last season and now we have another opportunity. We'll need to put in a big performance because the return game will be very tough," according to Adriano, who also revealed: "we want the treble again this season."

Adriano is clear that 2012 will be just as hard and maybe even harder than 2011: "Real Madrid will always be up there and we'll be going head to head with them until the end of the season, that's for sure. Our aim is to reach the finals of all the competitions and that's what we will keep on trying to do." There's the mouth-watering prospect of a two legged quarter final meeting between Barça and Madrid if they both get through this round, but Adriano is taking things one step at a time: "we know what could happen, but the most important thing now is the tie against Osasuna, then we'll just have to wait and see if it's Madrid or Malaga in the next round."

Looking to Wednesday's game, Adriano also warned against any expectations of the 8-0 result against Osasuna earlier this season: "obviously nobody wants to lose by that score again and in the Cup things are different – teams go all out for a win." Asked about Messi's chances of making the game, Adriano explained: "we all want him on the pitch, but that's up to the boss and the player to decide if he's 100%."

Finally, Adriano praised his manager Josep Guardiola: "since I arrived here, I have learnt so much from him. He's like a father, a very important person in the group. I think he will stay and let's hope so. He's changed football and people all over the world can now see this game in a different way thanks to him." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The best time to 2011 for Wenger was the victory against Barça

Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger said he lived the happiest moment in 2011 when FC Barcelona beat at the Emirates Stadium.

The Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger said in the website of the English club's 2-1 victory last February before which later became the champion of the Champions League meant for him one of the greatest joys of the year.

"The match against Barcelona has been perhaps the best game we've played here. For me, it was a highlight," said French.

"When I look back, this has not been the easiest year of my career. The end of last season was more complicated than the beginning," he added.

"This season we've had a tough time but we can still fight for something," he said. (via SPORT)

[Former player] The Galaxy prepares an offer for Eto'o

Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS would carry out a great offer for the former blaugrana Samuel Eto'o if he finishes going David Beckham.

As reported in 'The National', the U.S. team offer striker Samuel Eto'o a contract of up to 22 million per year, plus 45 million euros for Russian Anzhi, his current team.

The operation was carried out in the case of David Beckham leaving the squad finished angelina.

The former player of Real Madrid has a juicy offer from Paris Saint-Germain but is considering renewing its relationship with the Galaxy. (via SPORT)

Ferguson prefers Guardiola for Manchester United before to Mourinho

Rendered FC Barcelona football, Sir Alex Ferguson would welcome that Pep Guardiola as his successor on the bench for Manchester United.

According to British newspaper 'Daily Express', near the Scottish people have already Pep Guardiola probed to determine to what extent he would be willing to replace Ferguson in the direction of the 'Red Devils'.

According to British media have, Ferguson does not forget the success of Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, to Chelsea preferred London but he prefers Pep Guardiola like his future successor.

The preparer's link with Barca Guardiola, who signs the contract from year to year, and the game displayed by Barça put the Catalan shot in front of Manchester United for a not too distant future. (via SPORT)

Abidal, affected by the Spanish government's decision

One of the many key economic decisions taken during the Council last Friday Miniestros can directly influence the sport-economic planning FC Barcelona . The tax increase announced by the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, 2012 stipulates that income exceeding 300,000 euros in Catalonia passed to pay tax of 49% to 56%. In the whole State is 52%. The significant increase in the marginal rate can become an obstacle to lay the foundations for the renewal of wage Eric Abidal .

The French defender has acknowledged in recent months that the tax issue was one of the main obstacles of his contract extension with Barcelona . During its first four-year contract, and based on the so-called "Beckham Law ', Abidal , who joined in 2007, has only been taxed on 24% of their gross salary. From the fifth year in Spain, as a player abroad, went to pay the IRS 49% of your data. Therein lies the point of contention between Barça and Abidal , who had much less in the pocket. Now, unless the club would raise the gross salary will still be less liquid, (via MD)

[Former player] Saviola renewed his contract with Benfica until 2013

His buyout clause is 30 million euros.

Argentine forward Javier Saviola extended his contract with Benfica for another year, until 2013, said today the Lisbon club to the Comisión del Mercado de Valores (CMVM) Portuguese.

The statement said the Benfica "exercised the option that had the right to extend the employment contract that binds society sport athlete Javier Pedro Saviola Fernandez for a season more, or until June 30, 2013. "

The forward, 30, has a buyout clause of 30 million euros , and his contract was scheduled to end on June 30.

In recent months the sports media had speculated lusa the possible departure of several club players outside Portugal, including Villarreal , the Valencia and Lazio Italy, as well as other clubs in the Middle East.

The news of his departure from the club took the coach of Benfica, Jorge Jesus , to deny the rumors and the same mid-November said that the club had Saviola "for the future" .

The Argentinian international team arrived at Lisbon in summer 2009 from Real Madrid in exchange for 5 million euros , and remains a regular choice for the lead trainer.

This season has scored four goals in twelve matches in the Portuguese Liga and the two played in the Champions League. (via AS)

Iniesta, Puyol, Keita y Alves, novedades en el primer entreno del Barça

Pep Guardiola has had four new faces in the first session of the year. Iniesta, Puyol, Keita and Alves, absent for various reasons in the 31 days training, worked on Monday with the rest of the group in a session that brought together up to 19 players, 17 first team and two of B, Montoya and Cuenca.

Andres Iniesta, the day Barça-L'Hospitalet suffered a torn muscle in his left leg he had to keep about 15 days out of the pitch and back and train with their peers as well as Puyol, who missed the commitment to Catalonia by a sore left thigh adductor.

Seydou Keita , who two days ago in the gym, and Dani Alves, Brazil once again, were the other new faces of the session.

So the first team has missed only Leo Messi , who is scheduled to arrive in Barcelona on Monday, and Eric Abidal. The Frenchman recovered from the bout of flu he suffered, he has worked in the gym. They also lacked long-term injured, such as Afellay and Villa. (via MD)

Guardiola's message to the locker room: "This 2012 we will enjoy"

Joined the team before dismissing the year to launch a motivator holder.

To Pep he doesn't like to leave loose ends and wants to make sure have the clever players for the battles that approach. It's his way of keeping them plugged to prevent complacency takes over the locker room and that the hunger for victory was set up as normal. With this idea, the coach gave a clear message to the locker room at the last training of 2012, held on the morning of December 31 at the Ciutat Esportiva. The technician brought together all members of staff after training to wish you a good end of the year and before leaving, I took a holder motivator: "This 2012 we will enjoy." The message has two connotations: first means that he will continue throughout 2012 and second only provides the possibility to continue fighting as usual for the titles. The coach likes to link two words: enjoy and title. It's the way you understand just enjoying football because you can meet the challenges that lie ahead. And at the moment, there are a league, a Copa and a Champions. (via SPORT)

Damià, the 'hard worker' who fulfilled his dream

The Figueres is experiencing its best period as a player in Pamplona, ​​where he feels "very comfortable".

At 22, Damià Abella played in Second Division B, in Figueres. Today, eight seasons later, is consolidated in the First Division footballer playing for Osasuna. To say that no one has given nothing is a topic that defines if the path reliably.

The appearance of Barça was good to give a vital push to its career, first as player of the branch and, later, appearing in the first team 'debuted in the League before Athletic October 30 2004', a window that was good him to be made a place in First Division.

He played on loan at Racing, went to Betis, Barca and detached, and now in its second season in the Navarre. During these years, has had to fight against various injuries. One of them, which suffered in the hip playing for Racing at the end of the 05-06, prevented him from playing a single match in their first year at Betis. He never gave up and now reaps the fruits of his perseverance. "It was a year gorgeous. I'm very comfortable at Osasuna. I'm happy with my life here and hope to be a long time, "he told a news conference. Damià Abella obtained, at 29 years the award has been looking for a lifetime. (via SPORT)

Keita will leave after the derby

The staff of Barca loses one of its most important supporting cast for several weeks.

Africa Cup is coming and Barca will be without one of their players, Seydou Keita during a key period of the competition. The African tournament starts on January 21 and ends on February 12th, so if things go well for the selection of Mali, the midfielder will leave after playing the derby against Espanyol on Sunday January 8 and would not return to mid-February.

Alain Giresse, combined coach of Mali, has planned a stage prior to the competition of 11 to 20 January which will be held in Lome (Togo). One day before the start of the stage, the technician will give the final list of 23 players who will try to win the title in Gabon and mainland Equatorial Guinea. It is safe to Barca, whose last game for the club in January will be the match against Espanyol. Around the knockout round of the Copa del Rey in Pamplona is scheduled for January 12, so unless a special permit to mediate part of Mali, Keita will join their compatriots in the January 11 Lomé.

The midfielder will be the leader and the great respect of his selection, after Kanoute decided to put an end to the international stage. Mali is planning a friendly match on January 19 you still no rival ¿, in what will be the last test before beginning official competition. Alain Giresse's debut on January 24 against Guinea. In the same group D are Ghana and Botswana. The quarterfinals are played on 4 and 5 February, while the semifinals are scheduled for day 8 and the final will be played on February 12 in Libreville. (via SPORT)

Barça-Brazil, a distant connection

Neymar may be the next Brazilian star Barca but the trail of their country sinks into the origins of the club.

Dani Alves as nobody symbolizes the spirit of Brazil at Barça today. Talented, exuberant, powerful, imaginative ... Adriano, Maxwell revolve around him and Thiago and his brother Rafinha shine ever more brightly in the 'constelaçao Barca' forward to that, perhaps next summer, confirming the arrival of a new talent, Santos striker Neymar.

Nothing new in the firmament of 'Barça' where players have passed up to 35 Brazilians. Some true pioneers, distant stars as missing extinct Fausto dos Santos, Becerra or Lucidi Jaguaré Batista da Silva and defended the Blaugrana shirt in the thirties of the twentieth century. Others are genuine supernovae, talent amazed the world. Evaristo, samba team Helenio Herrera, Kubala and Suarez, Romario, the magician's 'Dream Team', Rivaldo, the genius who said he alone, the decadent Barca beginning of this century and at 40 still wants play, or Ronaldinho, who raised him with his smile and his football. Nor can we forget Ronaldo, shooting star, during a season, lit up the Camp Nou.

Besides these stars, the Barcelona Enjoy luminaries as Giovanni Silva, Sonny Anderson da Souza or Deco, complete players that made up one point in the quality of the team playing. And satellites luxury, full-blooded Brazilians who brought football talent inherent in the school of their country with professionalism unmatched in almost all cases: Sylvinho, Belletti, Edmílson ...

Of course, not all Brazilians who wore Blaugrana could succeed. Some marked by misfortune, others because the passport is not served to mask that they had in their boots enough to play football at Camp Nou. Some were in a nebula, as Rochemback, Geovanni or Bio or the one in spite of all mythical Roberto 'it Dynamites Others they were devoured by the implacable law of the football, as Triguinho, Marcello, Keirrison and Cleo; authentic 'black holes' in the firmament of Barça. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barça B closes the year located in the comfortable area of the classification

Eusebio's team has excelled in a quite remarkable level of play since the start of the season.

Barça B fires in 2011 in a comfortable situation, but not the excellence of last year. Certainly, the departure of players like Nolito or Abraham, the injury to Jonathan Soriano or the extraordinary youth of a team whose starting lineup at times was less than half the 20-year career has influenced.

The team led by Eusebio Sacristan has highlighted a level of play more remarkable since the beginning of the season, although the results were expected in the first month and a half. Now, having played the first 18 games, the Barcelona branch occupies the 13th position with 23 points, five of the relegation zone and seven of sixth place giving access to an alternate play-off for promotion. Barça B last year dismissed the sixth with five points in the current course will also play after 18 games.

In view of the numbers and performance on the pitch, the main pillars of the team are being Marc Bartra and Martin Montoya on defense, the versatile Rafinha between the mean and the front and, above all, Jonathan Dos Santos, best player in the subsidiary so far. They are the only four have more than one thousand minutes (Mexico leads the list with 1445), while most games played is Rafinha with 17 (only one is missing) Gerard Deulofeu followed with 16 and Dos Santos himself with 15. In this section, it is noteworthy that Carmona has played 14 games, but for minutes is only 14 º.

In goal, Eusebio decided to give final seven games each of the three, so that after completing its cycle Oier and Mino, now you should subtract another three to Masip.

In defense, the team type has been formed by Bartra and Muniesa in the center, Montoya on the right and the left Planas, although many of the minutes played Lobato has made them as left-back. In paragraph offensive, the team's top scorer so far is Rafinha, author of five goals (plus two assists), although it has nine appearances without seeing goal. Without doubt, the recovery of Jonathan Soriano and the fact that they no longer play as' false news have you been a slowdown in production. The second contention is Cristian Tello, who added two assists to his four goals and has made a colossal December crowned with his first team debut. Behind, with three 'targets do you put Soriano, Riverola, Deulofeu and Rodri (the latter two with two assists). However, the best passer of the team is Montoya, who has displayed down the right and has given four goals to their peers.

Regarding signings, Lobato has been noted for its versatility, Rodri has improved just as the band played heeled 'in plan Villa', while Femenía Kilo has shown nowhere near what it can do. And for players who have risen from youth Deulofeu continues to grow and aims high, Sergi Gomez has fulfilled despite the difficulty of his position and both Balliu as Gustavo has shown that they can have a place. They have not debuted Oriol Rosell and Ilie Sánchez (in the few opportunities she has had, as it is about to debut after an ordeal of operations in the heel.

Facing the new year, the subsidiary objectives are to maintain a good level of play and improve in some aspects, such as knowing 'kill' best parties and avoid some mistakes concentration, given the circumstances they are, particularly harsh to punish Eusebio's team. The first test will not be expected, since the subsidiary receives Numancia at the Mini Estadi on Saturday 7 at 16.00.

Cazorla: "Real Madrid is the second best team in the world after the Barça"

"2012 is an important year for the Malaga make things right".
"The goal of Malaga is fighting for European places".
Cazorla that Real Madrid will notice the drop of Di María.

The Malaga player Santi Cazorla has said about the King's Cup match on Tuesday that they "look forward" at the Santiago Bernabeu and "convinced to do something that is very difficult," but was optimistic to say that if your computer "is a good level," can "stand up" to Real Madrid .

However, the Spanish international midfielder has warned at a press conference that Real Madrid is "currently the second best team in the world," his opinion " after Barcelona "because" the daily show "and therefore "be a tough game."

"Hopefully we can get something positive to have options in return," stated the Spaniard footballer of the Malaga, for whom 2012 is "an important year for the team to do the right thing" because "the goal is to fight for jobs Europe would be a great success and to get those seats. "

He also recalled that in the league match played against the Whites in La Rosaleda, which ended 0-4, "Real Madrid came five or six times, got four (goals) and finished the game." Santi Cazorla has insisted that Tuesday, " in his field and with the people in favor "of the rival, jellyfish players have to" stay focused and have no error, because they cost expensive. "

For the former Villarreal midfielder, Malaga notice "for" the decline of Argentina Angel Di Maria in all white, but stressed that "have great players like Lane, who is doing a spectacular job," thus to "play who plays, it will be difficult. " Furthermore, she added, Malaga also has a "low key" as the Brazilian Julio Baptista and Cadiz midfielder Joaquin Sanchez , which has said it "is" a key player who brings great things to the team, "so expect" to return as soon as possible. "

On this year's European Championship in Poland and Ukraine, Cazorla has declared that he "is always a dream" to play championships "of that caliber," as he had "luck" of playing in 2008 in Austria and Switzerland in which Spain was proclaimed European champion. "I have to do things very well in Malaga and hopefully I can be among the elect at the end of season. " (via MD)

Pinto, to the point of signing renewal, faces the crucial months of the Copa

Pinto can defend the Barca goal until February 8.

With the new year, Jose Manuel Pinto recover its share of limelight. The deputy Victor Valdes , 36, will remain in goal during the binge intersemanales Cup games waiting for the boat to the February 8 rounds if you exceed the semifinals, and it seems that in the near future, coinciding their entitlements butler must sign a new contract until 2013.

True to his philosophy in the knockout tournament whoever the opponent, Pep Guardiola will continue to rely on the Andalusian. On Wednesday (22.00 h.) will take part in the Camp Nou against Osasuna in the way of knockout. On Thursday 12 awaits the visit to Pamplona , a possible prelude to an explosive tie against Real Madrid . Although his recent answers and outbursts in the press denote that the criticism of certain attitudes, such as repeated whistles to mislead rivals, slips, Pinto knows that the pressure on him would be maximum at a crossroads over two legs against 'meringues'.

Do not forget that on Cádiz, whose penalty stopped Marti 'semis' Copa 2009 in Mallorca is a bit far, weighs the burden of having played only once against the Madrid of Mourinho and FC Barcelona have been the keeper in the only loss of the eight clásicos played so far against the whole of the Portuguese. Maybe when they can produce this double match against Madrid Pinto has already renovated, in a decision already made ​​and not depend in any case their athletic performance in the coming weeks, but much of the Barcelona still wondering what would have happened if Valdes would have been the goalkeeper in the last final of Copa de Mestalla . Nor does it have benefits in the brawl autoexpulsado the break in the first leg of 'semis' of Champions at the Bernabeu and let to Valdés without replacement on the bench for 45 minutes.

If two classics are given in rooms, Pinto claimed to want to keep continuity in the wrong place and agreed, which is added the condition factor in the locker room glue. (via MD)

[Former player] Jeffren continues staying outside of the plans of Domingos

Despite having recovered from his troubles, Domingos Paciencia, Sporting de Portugal coach is not counting the exazulgrana Jeffren.

"Izmailov and Matias Fernandez are more confident than Jeffren, and so enter into the call to the Río Ave," said the technician, however, confident that "Jeffren again soon."

Barca squad has barely played with Sporting official minutes from signing in the summer due to physical problems that drags since last August was injured in a league match.

Sporting, third in the league to six points behind leaders Porto and Benfica, debuts Monday in the League Cup, the third most important competition of Portugal after the championship and the Cup began in the 2007-2008 season. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Cuenca: "I want to renew"

Isaac Cuenca is not the work of hearing the siren, apparently, they might be coming from other clubs.

The forward of FC Barcelona B has taken advantage of to the perfection the opportunities that Pep Guardiola is offering him in the first team. So much so that their actions have already aroused the interest of several European teams.

Cuenca contract ends next June 30 and both the technical and Barca want to renew it.

Various British media have speculated that Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea walk in the footsteps of the young end. Cuenca would be free to negotiate and, as it is in the last six months of their contractual relationship with the azulgranas.

The idea of ​​going, anyway, there seems to be in the plans of the squad. His desire is to succeed and stay many years at the Camp Nou. This was stated by himself in statements to the program Cuenca 'Mas Esports', COM Radio: "By my head just happens to follow in Barcelona and renew my contract."

Cuenca is happy to have settled on the first team and have continuity with the 'major' for the rest of the season: "Continue in the first team rather than a Christmas present is the gift of life," he said.

The tip was very pleased with how we did things in 2011, a year described as "incredible and unforgettable." (via SPORT)