01 January 2012

Villa: From grapes to the machine

Barcelona's David Villa does not rest in the New Year thinking about his recovery. Through demonstrated Twitter。

"I present my best friend for 2012! The magnet machine! I help with the warm!" Read the second in 2012 Tweet's 'Guaje' in their brand new social network account of the 140 characters. And is that Villa is working hard to shorten as much as possible long recovery from his injury in the tibia.

On that machine has passed the Spaniard of the first day of the year. The goal is to get as soon as Pep Guardiola's orders and, if possible, be active in the face of a possible Champions League final, next May in Munich as well as the face of Poland and Ukraine Euro, one of the events of this Olympic year.

The '7' FC Barcelona and the Spanish team went under the knife last December 19 with a fractured tibia suffered during the FIFA Club World Cup semifinal against Al Sadd. At first, it is expected that the player is Tuilla four or five months out. A few months that David Villa expected to pass soon, as well as all the Barça fans. He does not rest for it. (via SPORT)

January, month of the renovations at Barça

Before you start in March and April contacts with players who can join Barca next season after a couple of key summits in February between those responsible for sport and Pep Guardiola plot as MD reported last week, this January is expected realize most of the renovations that are pending.

The most important priority is the Guardiola even look good. The meeting chaired by Sandro Rosell has prepared the contract and does not foresee another decision that the 'yes' Pep under reciprocal commitment to coach and players have a big following prolong the cycle triumphant in the first half of the course. When Guardiola and his agent, Josep Maria Oroboitg, get in touch with the club, are precipitated events.

While Rosell has spoken of several formulas valid in how long the new contract for Pep and his team of collaborators inseparable, it is almost certain to expand their relationship for another year, ie until 2013. It only remains to know the expected date of the photo with the president, vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu, Andoni Zubizarreta and Tito Vilanova. Last season took place on 23 February 2010, with Barcelona president Joan Laporta and was advanced to January 20, two days after the public outcry when Guardiola himself attended a concert by Manel on his birthday.

In regards to the template, Jose Manuel Pinto and Eric Abidal are free from yesterday to negotiate with other clubs. Their contracts expire on June 30 but all sides take for granted the continuity of both. The doorman, 36, signed for one more. The document with its representative, John Maraver, is profiled then just the official announcement. As for Abidal, no consensus on the future of Barca but love the tax issue (see information below) there is a discrepancy in the time of contract. Barca offered 1 +1 and defender wanted to make two in a row. The easier it all with Isaac Basin, represented by Josep Maria Orobitg and installed on the first team. Even with the subsidiary tab and under contract until June, in the coming days he will tie the footsteps of Montoya (2014), Bartra (2014), Dos Santos (2015), Sergi Roberto (2015) and Rafinha (2014). (via MD)

Osasuna prepares the game against Barcelona in their last year's training

Osasuna fired in 2011 with a morning workout in Tajonar facilities, which prepared the Copa del Rey match next Wednesday, January 4, against FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou.

For one and a half hour, the team rojillo carried out collective technique, possession exercises, actions of it finishes off and game, as informed the club in its web.

Like Friday, the doctor part completed six players: Echaide, Marc Bertran, Masoud, Rubén, Raúl García and Kike Sola.

Mendilibar those back at work on Monday, January 2nd, from 10:00 hours. (via SPORT)

"Barcelona play at 12:00, as all"

The President of La Liga has just entered the Corporate Governance Committee of FIFA, while in Spain the conflict is handled between television and radio, pending an agreement with the players and criticism periodic bipolar League: "Our competition is the best ".

Rosell repeated that Barcelona will not play at 12:00.
In the contract there is a veto of any club to a schedule. Barca will play at 12:00, as the others. We are looking for a good reception in Asia.

Rely on the bankruptcy law and does not relieve the decline, as approved by Congress ...
Law need to adapt to the reality of football, that those who benefited from the bankruptcy law to fulfill their road map and the rest have sustainable in the medium and long term. So we have adopted the system of economic control, very similar to UEFA. In three years will reach its maximum application.

And what is the reality of football of which he speaks?
We are a very specific sector. It is wrong to base a soccer player who reaches the first team to be zero. 98% of the world champions playing in Spain.

There are too many FIFA twelve games a year.
It is unacceptable that the African Nations Cup is played in January. The calendar is crowded. Now we deal with UEFA to use days of Champions League or Europe out of their schedules.

-Rosell proposed to reduce the number of teams.
Is not on our agenda, or in the Federation, FIFA or UEFA. It is strategic. There are other priorities and a television contracts to fulfill.

The operator who signed the majority of clubs were in competition.
We solved. He never feared to stop paying.

Nobody supported in their attempt to suppress the game open.
We ask not mandatory, it is gone, I think it will not. The game allows us to offer not open early enough grills to Asia and America. England offers an early-season planning.

Do you really think they can reach 800 million a year for television rights?
We move between the 620 and 650 and the idea is to promote a return of that figure. Football is the most searched on TV, the Spanish league is in 160 countries and without the obligation of the party in open, we will post more.

TV3 has announced that it has no budget for football.
If it gives TV3, someone else will. There are stakeholders.

Will he return to TV rights sold together someday?
Some clubs have already agreed. In radio there is a deal and you cease to be mandatory open game.

In 2011, four clubs entered First Insolvency Act.
We are becoming more creditworthy. We avoided solutions because the clubs met. And many have come out of that situation with a road map. The clubs have been adapted, despite a drop in sponsorship. And we are seeing increasingly seeks to strengthen the teams youth players instead of big signings. There will be many more bankruptcy.

For Del Nido, the League is "adulterated and prostituted."
Do not share. The differences come and go. The Levant became difficult last year and is now fifth. There is not much distance as they say. There is a catastrophe in the league. It is the best in the world.

Yes, but only Madrid and Barcelona are still in the Champions League.
And in England have fallen by the City and United. In terms of comparisons, send the results. England was not the Euro that we win.

Why have opened a dispute with the radios?
All change generates rejection. We have done nothing in that law to protect us. The audiovisual communication allows the exploitation of rights. We have not violated the right to information. We talked to the operators and the agreement is imminent.

For the moment the case is in court
Only one request for precautionary measures, though media reports speak of many demands.

Were there any cracks?
The League's 42 teams working in the same direction and at any stage of the League have entered radios.

Rajoy and said he was against the canon.
We just read that the minister of our industry will fight against piracy. We also have rights regulated by law and are in a similar case.

Four months ago football players stopped for lack of agreement, and yet there is not.
We work on it. Reach a substantial agreement. I do not see why there should be another strike.

Find driving wages?
Not permitted by law.

Will League at Christmas?
What we have in mind, but it is difficult to implement. Is not defined economic return and must meet the players. It is a matter parked.

VIDEO: www.as.com

[Barça B] Barça gives pumpkins to Betis for Tello

Betis looks for the surrender of the forward of the filial azulgrana, but Guardiola it doesn't accept.

Betis has stood as a suitor to gain the services of Barça B forward Cristian Tello.

The combined verdiblanco wants to bolster its leading and thought about the surrender of the young pearl of the cantera azulgrana, even during the winter 'market', as informs the newspaper 'Sport Stadium.'

The subsidiary forward is starring in a good campaign. In fact, recently scored two goals the first team in the match against L'Hospitalet butler, who finished 9-0.

Despite the intentions of Betis, the last word goes to Pep Guardiola. And the Barca coach, according to the newspaper, has steadfastly refused to let him go.

Barca going through a poor for forward, with Villa and Afellay injured until the end of the season. This means that the cantera will play a key role in the remainder of the current course.

In principle, Cuenca is emerging as the leading candidate to replace Villa (taking into account that are ahead of Messi, Pedro and Alexis, along with the possibility that Inietsa act as a winger and Cesc as false '9'). But Tello is also well positioned thanks to its good performances with the 'B'.

It is not the first time that the coach is pronounced similar negative possibilities. The Granada also interested in the services of Tello, but the response from Pep was the same: "No". (via SPORT)

Arrival of the 'bargains' of the market

As of January 1 players just can contract in June to begin negotiating with other clubs totally free. This year's roster includes Abidal, Cuenca, Drenthe, Kanoute or Toquero, among other.

On January 1, is again becoming, once again, on a date set for Spanish clubs and the rest of Europe. It is from that day when they can legally negotiate with the players they just contract on 30 June, although in many cases begin negotiations so 'illegal' much earlier.

The 2012 are many players who complete the contract and, given that Spanish football is experiencing a major economic crisis, it is a great opportunity to reinforce the templates at no cost. The list of players is large, but in most cases these are players who have already bespoken renewal or veterans who are in the final stretch of his career.

Few cases in Barcelona and Madrid

Abidal and Pinto Basin are the three Barcelona players ending contract next June, although the club hopes to renew the three players. A Pinto is extended by one year the contract, while Abidal renewal is in the final after a long negotiation process. With the young Isaac Cuenca will be easier, since the will of the player is to use the opportunity is giving Pep Guardiola and gain a place in the first team squad.

As for Real Madrid, the only player to finish the contract is Dutch Royston Drenthe, on loan to Everton and that counts for nothing in the plans of the white club.

More work in Espanyol

Up to four players out of contract next June at Espanyol, although the club is working primarily in the continuity of French striker Thievy. The player, who does not have professional contract, Pochettino is confident and has many options to follow in the first team Espanyol. Also just the keeper Kiko Casilla contract, defender and striker Ernesto Galan Walter Pandiani.

So things are in First

Of the other La Liga teams include players like Gaizka Toquero (Athletic)-although in their case-renewal depends on objectives, and Colsa Munitis (Racing Santander), Ballesteros and Juanlu (Levante), Nunes (Mallorca) Iriney (Betis), Miguel and Albelda (Valencia) Palop and Kanouté (Sevilla), among many others. The full list of players out of contract next June 30 is as follows:

Athletic: Raúl Fernández, Koikili, Aitor Ocio, Igor Gabilondo, Gaizka Toquero, Ibai Gómez.

Atlético: Antonio López, Luis Perea, Diego Costa.

Barça: Abidal, Pinto, Cuenca.

Betis: Nacho, Isidoro, Juanma, Iriney, Miki Roqué.

Espanyol: Kiko Casilla, Galán, Pandiani, Thievy.

Getafe: Gavilán, Pedro Ríos.

Granada: Juan José, Íñigo López, Abel Gómez, Boateng.

Levante: Ballesteros, Nano, Del Horno, Farinós, Carlos Aranda, Javi Venta, Juanfran, Juanlu, Valdo, Rubén Suárez, Rafa Jordá y Koné.

Málaga: Malagueño, Weligton, Hélder Rosario, Maresca, Van Nistelrooy.

Mallorca: Nunes, Martí Crespí, Pau Cendrós, Pep Lluís Martí, 'Chori' Castro.

Osasuna: Ricardo, Roversio, Sergio, Puñal, Calleja.

Racing: Mario Fernández, Gonzalo Colsa, Munitis, Kennedy, Edu Bedia, Tziolis, Osmar Barba.

Rayo Vallecano: Daniel Giménez, Cobeño, Arribas, Movilla, Casado, Koke, Javi Fuego, Raúl Bravo, Rafa García, Susaeta, Míchel, Tamudo.

Real Madrid: Drenthe.

Real Sociedad: Toño Ramírez, Aranburu.

Real Sporting de Gijón: Nacho Novo, Rivera.

Sevilla: Palop, Tom de Mul, Kanouté.

Valencia: Bruno, Maduro, Dealbert, Miguel, Albelda.

Villarreal: César, Mariño, Ángel López, Mario Gaspar, Marcos Senna, Gerard Bordas.

Zaragoza: Antonio Tomás, Ponzio, Paredes, Lafita. (via SPORT)