13 May 2012

Zubizarreta said "this season has been excellent"

He also insisted that "all decisions are taken sport when the season ends."
Has neither confirmed nor denied the possible arrival of Lobera and said that Pep "knows how the process has gone Tito".

Andoni Zubizarreta has reiterated on Saturday that "all decisions are taken sport when the season ends." Speaking in the rest of the Betis-Barça, Zubi stated in this line that "neither confirm nor deny it" logbook information 'Ara' that Sergi Lobera would be the second Tito Vilanova once the latter relieved Guardiola the azulgrana bench. "It's all speculation, and I did not play much," added, as implying that the future could be another assistant coach.

Barcelona sporting director has been asked to explain at what point exactly was informed that Tito Pep relieve. "On Friday (April 27) morning Tito Vilanova said he accepted and explained at a press conference. Pep knows how the whole process was and knew that Tito would be the new coach," he said.

Zubizarreta has also held the title of Afellay the Benito Villamarín and commented that "the motivation to win the Cup after winning two Super Cups and World Club Championship and this season the team will not let your guard down in the two weeks will now for the Cup final friendly proposals that we had not convinced us, so we decided to stay at home. "

Lastly, Zubi said "the absence of that final against an opponent copera we do not make things easy (referring to Athletic) in any case the season has been excellent." (via MD)