01 May 2012

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 1 - 3 RCD Espanyol

The Juvenil of Òscar García can not reditar the title won last year after losing to Espanyol in the quarter-finals.

The azulgranas have moved forward with a goal of Babunski (9 '), but Espanyol have forced overtime with a goal from Bonilla (74').

The front Jafar, 99 and 110, has given the ticket to the semifinals to the set blanquiazul.

The Juvenil A of FC Barcelona has been dismissed from the Champions Cup has begun to challenge this Monday in Lepe after losing to Espanyol. Oscar Garcia boys have seen the blue and white have rallied from a 1 to 0 and ended up taking the win in overtime.

From the first minute of the game Barça has been much more focused that Espanyol. If only they had played three minutes the referee annulled a goal for offside Campabadal. But the azulgranas have tried and followed in minute 9 has reached the goal. It has been Babunski, after a good play Dongou staff, who has attended Patric, and this has left him facing the ball to mark Babunski.

With the score in favor of Òscar García continued with the domain of play, but Espanyol was slowly generating arrivals danger. But a great Miguel Bañuz solvency stopped with the opposing team's shots.

After the break Espanyol took the lead of the game and much of the game has been played in azulgrana field. The more minutes had passed more tired on the pitch. But on 74 minutes came the equalizer. Jordán's last in-depth that ends Bonilla and raises the 1 to 1 on the scoreboard.

With the tie the azulgranas have been activated and have gone for the win, but the goal has not arrived and played going into overtime.

The fatigue was growing, but the two teams have not dropped their arms. But Jafar has been the player who has finished deciding the match. In the 9th minute of extra time has made 1 to 2. In addition the azulgranas are seen as more complicated the game when Grimaldo has been expelled. Then, at 110 match, Jafar again has put the final 1 to 3. And The azulgranas have seen nine remained after the expulsion of Patric. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Campabadal, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Cornejo, Patric, Quesada, Babunski i Dongou. También han jugado Quintillà, Moreno, Olivan and Bakoyock

RCD Espanyol: Parreño, Héctor Rodríguez, Bonilla, Arroyo, Duarte, Muntadas, Miravent, Jordan, Herráiz, Grant i Yeboah. También han jugado Granados, Molina and Canadell

Goals: 1-0, Babunski (9’); 1-1, Bonilla (74’); 1-2, Jafar (99’); 1-3, Jafar (110’)

Referee: Enrique Figuero Vázquez.