14 May 2012

[Youth] Athletic Club 3 - 3 FCB Juvenil A

The set of Óscar García overcomes the three initial goals of the Athletic Club and ties in the final minute of the first leg of the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey.

After losing in the Champions Cup, played in remaking the Copa del Rey against Athletic Club facilities Lezama. Óscar García players needed a good result in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Basque Country and become a draw satisfactory after a tough game start. Now, the Juvenil A of Barça already mentalizing to play the qualifying round of next Sunday 20 May.

The Barça has jumped onto the field asleep and Athletic took advantage of the relaxation azulgrana to damage in the area of three quarters. With an asset Gorka Santamaría, the Bilbao team has knocked out Óscar García players and has dominated the first half. With this background, the front Santamaria scored the first goal of the fourth hour, and four minutes later the same player has extended distances on the scoreboard.

With a 2-0 unfavorable, FC Barcelona has set a goal sought to rekindle their hopes for the Copa playoff. But Gorka Santamaría has completed his hat-trick, leaving a very negative result to rest.

After the break, the talk in the locker room of Òscar Garcia and changes in the starting lineup have resuscitated the players, who have cut distances quickly thanks to Sandro. The azulgrana has caught a rejection inside the box to the exit of a corner and scored culé's first goal after ten minutes of play.

The tie was wide open. And Barcelona is the team has improved greatly in the second half and finally found a fitting reward. Brian, with a masterly free-kick, has cut the gap further in the light. And when the game seemed ready for judgment, Sandro has signed his doublet particular to achieve the set equal to three. Thus, the set of Óscar Garcia to complete his move to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey next week in Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
Athletic Club: Aitor, Artabe (Lozano, min 81), Arribalzaga, Molinos, Monteiros, Seguín (Etxaburu, min 87), Gil, Iturraspe (Escobar, min 66), Bengoa (Vegas, min 69), Etxeberría, Santamaría.

FC Barcelona: Tienda, Edu, Brian, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Ernesto (Sandro, min 46), Patric (Calvet, min 81), Dongou, Miguel Ángel (Cristian, min 79), Nando Quesada (Quintillà, min 46).

Goals: 1-0, Santamaría, min 15; 2-0, Santamaría, min 19; 3-0, Santamaría, min 28; 3-1, Sandro, min 55; 3-2, Brian, min 73; y 3-3, Sandro, min 90.

Referee: Asier Istúriz Latorre. Yellow card to Arribalzaga (min 43) and Quintillá (min 80).