24 May 2012

Xavi: "A whole wardrobe that Guardiola would have liked to continue"

FC Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernández acknowledged that the staff wanted Guardiola had followed a year.

Speaking exclusively to ESPN, Xavi admitted his surprise at the final decision taken by Pep Guardiola but in turn the support that has given him and other colleagues: "I was convinced he could follow a year but has their explanations and reasons for leaving. know that the costumes are with him to death and we would like everyone to continue another year, "he said.

However, Xavi admitted that he was contacted by telephone with Pep at the time to ask him to stay "because it is a very private person and very introverted." Nevertheless, the Terrassa supports the decision taken by Santpedor: "It's in his role as coach and we want the best for him."

The midfielder knows that Tito Vilanova company "will be difficult" because Guardiola sets the bar very high. "This has not gotten any team in history," said Xavi, before adding: "We can not guarantee titles, but we're going to fight and put all our efforts and our desire to continue to reap titles for Barça".

For Xavi Hernández, the Copa del Rey would be a good conclusion to a season that could be better. "It started fantastically well with the two Super Cups, Spain's and Europe's then went to the Club World Club Cup, we compete very well against Santos. Then yes, there were two disappointments: the League, that got away at home with the Madrid , and bad luck we had in the Champions League with Chelsea, which everyone saw, because we were above the two games. We have not had that amount of luck we've had for the past three years, "said Xavi to ESPN.

And he avoided ruling on the expansions of José Mourinho's contract with Real Madrid until 2016: "The truth is that we set bit, because obviously it is our eternal rival, but we try not to look anywhere else. We have done very well by looking door in and we must continue in this line. " (via SPORT)