17 May 2012

Wenger struggles to retain Van Persie even one year

Arsenal run the risk of going free.

Robin van Persie is already the star forward for the summer market. The top scorer in the Premier League, with just a one year contract with Arsenal, Juventus and Manchester City has clearly and lurking in the background, also the Barça.

It has emerged that Dutch forward, who turns 29 in August, is at home in England and in case of migration, which is more like Barça. Not be ruled out at all to continue in the Premiership, with Arsenal or the City.

In the club 'gunner', his manager Arsene Wenger starts to repeat his usual ritual with the stars who speculate on their future and summarized in one sentence: "I count on you, you will not." As noted yesterday the 'Mirror', Wenger and the executive director 'gunner' Ivan Gazidis and have taken the message to Van Persie.

They are willing to fulfill his contract, assuming the risk that in half a year the gunner 'Oranje' choose your favorite club Arsenal without charging a euro for sale.

The cracking of Wenger may be strategic. In fact, the coach Alsatian never said "yes" to the first time, at different times, their cracks asked a change. Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas Samir Nasri or as lengthy case, fought for months for his departure.

Van Persie has a trump card over all. Has a contract that is about to enter its final season of life, which means you owns his future.

Van Persie takes 70,000 pounds a week and now has an offer to join the City the next three seasons at a rate of 150,000 pounds a week (188,000 euros, more than 9 million per annum) plus an additional bonus of five million pounds (6.25 million euros).

According to reports Arsenal fought back with five-year contract and 130,000 pounds a week (163,000 euros, more than 8 million per year), plus a signing bonus. (via MD)