23 May 2012

The vice president Carles Vilarrubí also replicates Esperanza Aguirre

Carles Vilarrubí also has come out against the controversial statements of Esperanza Aguirre, who on Tuesday threatened to "suspend the Cup final when pita anthem 'of Spain.

As underlined by the vice president of institutional FC Barcelona this Wednesday on "El món a RAC 1," First I had a moment of surprise, but then you realize that they are statements with a political content. (The president of the Community of Madrid) is beyond the common sense of responsibility of government. has had a policy response, including leaders of his party (the PP) and Minister of Interior. "

Again according Vilarrubí,

must ask the fans quiet because Barça plays the games in stadiums. Not in offices or in the newsroom or in the car parks or on television or in the communication emdios. Play on the pitch. We place things in their point. The attacks are a smokescreen for a specific political situation. " (via MD)