07 May 2012

Valenti Guardiola: "Whatever you do Pep in Barça will be delivered as over the years"

Valenti Guardiola, Pep's father, spoke about the resignation of Guardiola and his possible future at Barça.

Pep Guardiola's father, Valenti and his mother Dolors, spoke Monday at the program 'El Matí' of Catalunya Ràdio disputed after the last meeting run by his son at the Camp Nou.

"We saw that the work was so overwhelmed he did, he lives both wearing. In the 24 hours thinking about the football team, partners and supporters. Has a big responsibility," said Valenti

Valenti also spoke about her grandchildren, whom we saw at the Camp Nou after the game: "La Maria estava a little touched, seem to suffer too as it is larger, see what was going on with her father."

"As president I do not think back, well I'm not in it. Do not know what to do, whatever you do will be delivered as the years of Barça," added the father of Pep Guardiola.

His mother, Dolors, said that people had noticed a lot in the last sentence: "Do not ever lose." "This has been taken very well," he said. "It was beautiful, was not a thing of firework displays, which became very emotional and very deep."

"When I said I would be enlarged heart, saw that I needed a space of tranquility and repose. When I hurt djo part why Barça is Barça but first is health," he added. (via SPORT)