01 May 2012

Torres and Van Persie dreams of Barça

Cracks like Torres or Van Persie happy to come azulgrana equipment.
With Pep or with Tito, the hook is now the Camp Nou is unmatched.

Barça is coming a new, as yet different. Pep Guardiola will leave the team with worldwide prestige that goes far beyond its 13 degrees and is about to take over his close collaborator Tito Vilanova. This year will not fall or la Liga or the Champions League, but this team captivates like no other in the world. And that power of attraction also affects top-level professionals, such as Fernando Torres and Robin van Persie. Any of them would be happy to wear at the azulgrana in the football project with more punch in the world. And Barça knows it.

In the situation of the Dutch forward has been reporting MD. Arsenal captain, top scorer in the Premier League, has for months without renewing a contract that takes away just one year of operation. That makes it a market opportunity. Friend of Cesc Fabregas, we would be happy to return to play with him and that Barça move tab.

The forward of Chelsea, who beat Barça in the Champions League, also has friends in the Camp Nou. And the way he spoke of Barça seconds after deleting it confirms what level is the degree of admiration culé.

Wenger brings Podolski and he assimilates his escape

According to the initial plan, the lead is not, today, to reinforce the priority line for the club, but the market sometimes gets in the window a great opportunity that would be foolish not to value. Robin van Persie is in a contractual situation so special that it almost becomes a bargain. The top scorer in the Premier League with 28 goals out of contract with Arsenal in 2013, so that is about to enter its final season. The club 'gunner' has failed in its attempts to extend the contract for Van Persie, who now gives long under the guise of the Euro. If Arsenal do not want to see how Van Persie free will in a few months, the opportunity to profit is to pass it this summer, with the handicap that he could not do it the way 'gunner', ie, asking for a morterada. Coach, Arsène Wenger, has already hedged its bets. Yesterday Cologne Arsenal accepted wholesale from Lukas Podolski, a former Bayern forward, for about 13 million euros. Van Persie can not ask for much more.

No one spoke so well of a Barça played

Fernando Torres is recovering a goal and enthusiasm to play the Euro due to its season finale, endorsed with his latest hat trick. This whole course and a crack appeared in disgrace. After his high level in Liverpool, in January 2011 put Chelsea 58 million euros to sign him until 2016. But be that for whatever reason, did not fit. Now, many times from the bench, is giving and scoring goals that have helped Chelsea to be in the Champions League final. Achieved while Barça settled in the European tournament and still at the Camp Nou, released this: "Barça is ahead of all but the best does not always win." No one spoke so well of a new rival eliminated. Further proof that, if for him, would love to play with friends, some of them as intimate as Iniesta. Athletic heart 'El Niño' never go to Real Madrid, but Barça. Recently, he had sold to Chelsea for 20 million euros. If Barça make a gesture, 'El Niño' help. (via MD)