15 May 2012

Tito Vilanova will sign a two-year contract

Vilanova plans to commit for two seasons and avoid the annual debate on his future.

Under 'unfinished business', Tito Vilanova also has another issue not only affects him personally, but can return each year to reopen the future of the bench. This is the length of his contract, a negotiation point where it seems that Vilanova mark a point of difference from its predecessor: the new Barça coach is expected to sign for two seasons, a way to end flooded with speculation that the club environment every time he approached the end of the season due to the habit of signing Guardiola single year to year.

The continuity of Vilanova beyond those two seasons would be subject more to the feelings of the coach, their team and template to the rawness of the results, if all goes as planned.

The Board presided over by Sandro Rosell has secured a mandate until 2016, so Vilanova known that during his early years at Barça institutional and tranquility will not be subject to a hypothetical change of president to change course club and affect activity. (via SPORT)