07 May 2012

Tito Asks Thiago Silva

The sports area will meet in the coming days to finalize all the details on the restructuring of the workforce 2012-13.

The 2011-12 season has not yet completed. Barça yet to solve the final of the Copa del Rey against Athletic and nobody wants the dress to disperse because of the traditional market rumors affecting in one way or another to several members of staff. But one thing is the desire and a harsh reality, as the machinery of the sports area blaugrana can not catch a break at this point. Its chief executive, Andoni Zubizarreta, said the club will remain in a tense holding pattern until the end copera dispute, but the truth is that working overtime adapting the roadmap designed for months to open new arena Villanova's rise to the front of the bench. A simple task since Tito is a line of continuity in chapter staff restructuring. Plans do not suffer major changes.

Barça coach has no doubts about the name and surname of priority ahead of the 2012-13 season: Thiago Silva. The Brazilian Center-back is number one on their list of priorities. Tito and Zubizarreta permanently maintain contact, but over the next days it has planned a first formal summit which will materialize in the chapter of highs and lows and assess the actual price that the market runs today. It is the starting point.

Vilanova want to go step by step and start touching up the costumes from the axis of the rear. The coach has said that the defensive problems this season observed multiple injuries, diseases and irregular performance in individual cases, have been one of the keys that have burdened the team's results. Guardiola's replacement considered essential to shore up the center of the cover with the arrival of a left-handed player, a great personality on the pitch and enormous facility for handling the ball in its output. This profile is set to the extent of Thiago Silva. From this premise, and depending on the progress of negotiations and the economic game designed to convince Milan, will complete the puzzle of new faces.

The sports area has designed various strategies to try to convince the always complicated Silvio Berlusconi. Input with the complicity of Brazilian footballer. Thiago is aware of interest blaugrana last few months and is waiting to precipitate events coinciding with the outcome of competitions. His behavior has been exemplary in his three seasons at Milan and hopes the club will not prevent the exit. Another very different question refers to the market price of the player.

Milan has already leaked to several agents consider only open the doors for an estimated at 40 million euros. This amount is considered prohibitive at Barça, who hopes to find the formula to incorporate Thiago Silva at a price close to 25 million euros. The usual alternatives come into play. On the one hand, Barça has been used to bond items include generous response to individual and team performance to complete the last transfer. Cesc is the case and Alexis last season. In addition, through the mouth of Vice President and `strong man in the offices milanistas, Adriano Galliani, the Italian club would be more than happy to incorporate into its ranks the likes of Keita, Adriano or Afellay. The negotiations would be open, although the possible transfer are always subject to the best economic end. The Malian and manages several proposals in recent times has added an alleged interest of Malaga, who would be willing to pay 10 million euros for the midfielder. Zubizarreta, Tito Vilanova and Pep Guardiola want no distractions during the remainder of May. The slogan is absolute silence and deny any formal negotiation, but you need to know as soon as the attitude of Milan and the exact price that can facilitate the departure of Thiago Silva.

The football market is doing very attentive to everything that surrounds the figure of Silvio Berlusconi. The Milan owner is immersed in several lawsuits and political future is unclear. It is considered that if the big boss wants AC Milan continue their parliamentary career not be dislodged from Milan, a rumor circulated periodically, or access to part with Thiago Silva without demanding a high price in return.

The picture is complicated when you consider that some sources have put Ibrahimovic on the market. More specifically in the orbit Madrid of Mourinho. Too much speculation about a cash-strapped club and has a pending payment to Barça after the transfer of Zlatan. In any case, and given one of Berlusconi's media platforms, we can not rule out a change of management in just over 24 hours end to the miseries and record a capital injection millionaire. (via SPORT)