16 May 2012

Thiago Silva and priceless

Thiago Silva, the center-back that Barça seen as first choice to strengthen the defender, is priceless. According to Italian media, Brazilian change of scenery if Milan managed to sign 30 million euros. An amount that would address the recruitment of other players to cover different positions.

The Rossoneri is a top priority for Barça next season, although progress seems Nesta exit doors shut. In the Camp Nou hope that as you will consume the summer, Thiago Silva made ​​a gesture to key azulgrana.

While in Italy, Juventus insisted that an agreement would almost certainly with Van Persie of Arsenal. There is talk of a move for another 30 million euros and an annual salary the player apparatus 12 million euros, which would make him one of the highest paid players. (via MD)