14 May 2012

Thiago Silva accepts the role of Baresi hederero despite interest from Barça

Thiago Silva is the center-back favorite of the technical of Barça, but has always been assumed to be a virtually impossible goal.
So it seems after Brazilian defender has accepted the role of being the 'new Baresi' in Milan of the future: "I will continue here."

The message has cleverly released on Milan over the figure of Thiago Silva as his "new Baresi" seems to have penetrated deep into the Brazilian center-back. Although in recent months, Silva did not close the door to any possibility when he spoke of Barça interest to seize his signing, the departure of several of the famous San Siro veterans leave him as 'lord' of clothes. Thiago Silva after being awarded 'Rossoneri' of the year, he is accountable to its new role. "I would love to be compared with Baresi because I want to repeat his great story here, just like Maldini did."

Milan, in the words of its leaders Adriano Galliani and Braida Ariedo had already appointed Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic as "untouchables" of a project that needs rejuvenation. Thiago is now the real treasure of Milan and he feels so. "My motivation is great and I hope to continue to do well at Milan. The responsibility that Nesta has given me is great. First was the hederero of Maldini, Baresi and now am Nesta, a larger than helped me and now I am sorry to leave because his departure for Milan loses a lot. " (via MD)