22 May 2012

Susaeta: "We dream of the barge, but to go soft"

Markel Susaeta has admitted that dream of holding the Cup title on board the barge.

"Of course you dream of the barge, but again, at the end of Bucharest also looked around and look what happened. So now you have to go soft," stressed the player Guipuzcoan in statements made at the time open to the press in Lezama.

Susaeta noted further that, for the final four days, "in the environment begins to notice that something happens" and added that the contact you had with him many fans say that "we must bring the title" to Bilbao because Athletic takes many years without winning a trophy and "it is time" to do so.

The right inside-half, on the other hand, said that one of the keys to overcome a "team player" as Barça will avoid "errors in the pressure" because, otherwise, "can be put into the goal" .

Meanwhile, the captain of the Athletic, Andoni Iraola, stressed that the type of opponent makes this cup final "has nothing to do with" Europa League against Atletico Madrid.

"The way you play has nothing to do. Barcelona tighten from the beginning, you want to get into our camp and steal possession. We do not want to be locked back because it is what we do. Are a better team than us, but if the highest level we can face them, "he explained.

"At Barça not only defend it well. You have to hit scares and create chances. We want a return game and not become a handball as many of those plays," he added.

Iraola finally hoped that the experience of the final of the Champions League they can use to play with "less stress" on Friday against an opponent who, in his view, "will not notice" the absence of players ordinarily held as Puyol or Alves. "They have a team of security and hope to a club to its highest level," he said. (via SPORT)