04 May 2012

So Tito Vilanova prepares for challenge

Even after the final of the Copa del Rey on 25 this month, the second Barça coach will not give a step forward.

A week after the announcement of Pep Guardiola, as usual in the locker room of FC Barcelona. The players and the bulk of the first team coaching staff have made his farewell with great naturalness and the relay have been agreed with the board and Andoni Zubizarreta as a natural change smoothly.

In fact, both gateways to inside and out, it seemed that nothing happened because everything continues as before. Each in their role.

Tito Vilanova, having given its approval, and be with strength and enthusiasm to lead and manage the challenge that has been proposed, has not taken any step forward. It remains the second Guardiola and behaving as he had been doing.

That loyalty to Pep in the day to day, in practice, in the preparation of the games, has only been altered by force, for any meeting that has already had with Zubizarreta, because although it can be seen as a 'rib 'of Guardiola, Vilanova has its own personality, its own ideas, their own tastes and it is clear and obvious that the staff of the FC Barcelona 2012-2013 attention will be tailored to your requests.

So, what we have Tito and Zubi has been to talking about those that can possible signings to strengthen the team, at what point is, what are the alternatives ...

What Tito has not been talking to the board, in this case with Josep Maria Bartomeu, to negotiate the length of his contract and the salary you should get.

The idea of Rosell is to offer to Vilanova two years of commitment to avoid precisely what has been happening with Pep, which has been renewed every year and always when I was finishing the season.

Despite the flood of solicititud of interviews he has given the club for Villanova, communication managers have already designed their own policy: only speak at a news conference convened for that purpose and always after the final of the Copa del Rey never before.

Tito, a person already quiet and reserved, has been imitating Guardiola regarding the interviews. In these four years as coach, has generally speaking once a season, especially with the sports media. Remain to be seen whether this decision, although he declined to give interviews to the media after returning to activity after successfully completing the surgical procedure he was subjected.

Staying in a discreet background, only disturbed by the conversations that has been holding with the technical secretary of the club, Vilanova is convinced that only when closing stage azulgrana Guardiola as a coach can take a step forward and explain why Barca want and how want it. Sure there will be many points of agreement with Pep, but perhaps not all. (via SPORT)