16 May 2012

Sergio Busquets: “There’s a lot left in this team”

The Barça midfielder knows that the current squad will still have plenty to say next season. “We are a very young set of players, we’re keen to carry on winning, we’re ambitious and of course we’ll carry on that way”.

As for the Copa del Rey, he is sure that Athletic Bilbao will have completely got over their defeat in the Europa League Final.

At this stage of the season it is only typical for there to be talk of possible comings and goings, but Sergio Busquets reckons there’s plenty left in the current FC Barcelona squad. They are still very young and “we’re keen to carry on winning, we’re ambitious and of course we’ll carry on that way.”

Sergio Busquets also admitted that he would have preferred to play the Copa del Rey Final earlier than May 25, but “the Federation had to pick a date with a possible Champions League Final in mind.” Although two weeks without a game seems like a long time “we have to take what’s positive … The most important thing is that we are playing in the Copa del Rey Final and we have two weeks to get ready for it, more than usual. We’ve got to win it”.

On the same issue, he added that Bilbao “are physically very well prepared … it will be very difficult … They are training hard and have got some strong players. Anything can happen in one match. What happened to them in the Europa League Final won’t have anything to do with the Copa del Rey.” Sergio Busquets also said that not having Puyol “is a shame, because he’s such a dedicated player, and because of who he is and what he transmits to the team.”

May 25 will be especially emotional because it will be Josep Guardiola’s last day in charge of the first team. Said Busquets: “We won our first final with him against Athletic and he’s leaving after the same fixture four years later, having won lots of titles and created a whole new playing philosophy. It’s been one of the best periods in our history and it’s the end of the era of a very special manager, the best there is.”

He also mentioned his team-mate David Villa, who is desperate to be ready in time for Euro 2012. “Nobody can get inside his body and mind to understand his situation. He is working to get fit as quickly as possible, he might be missing match practice, but not in his mind. At the end of the day, it’s the manager’s decision.” (via FCBarcelona.com)