17 May 2012

Seluk: Mourinho likes Yayá and Yayá likes Mourinho"

The representative of Yayá Touré said the Ivorian likes Mourinho as a coach.

The representative of Touré Yayá, Dimitri Seluk, went by the microphones of COMRàdio Barcelona to talk about the player's marfileño situation, former azulgrana. According to Seluk, there are several teams that are interested in Touré, and they will listen offers: "Madrid is interested in Touré, as other teams, but Madrid wants him and we are open to all the propositions."

Also, Seluk assured that Touré likes Mourinho and vice versa: Mourinho likes Yayá and Yayá likes Mourinho because he is a great coach. It is more, we speak with Mourinho when it was in the Inter and when we negotiate with Marco Branca - technical staff of the Inter - we told him that alone Yayá would go to Italy if it was with Mou." The representative of Yayá also wanted to leave clear that the motivations of his represented are not economic: "The most important thing is the human relationships, that is what Touré worries about it. Because if went for money he would go to Anzhi where they would pay him double what gets paid." Finally, on the option Barça, Seluk left clear that there are options that it arrives to Barça in some moment, but that anything of that said means that City will leave: "The option Barça is also possible, but that doesn't mean to 100% that he will abandon City this summer." (via SPORT)