20 May 2012

[Seletion; Olympic Games] Menezes does not discount Alves for the Games

The Brazilian coach will be without the full-back for the next friendly, but do not forget it.

Dani Alves is not completely ruled out for the Olympic Games which take place this summer in London. This was stated yesterday Mano Menezes in an interview with the 'ESPN', which referred to the situation of some of the Brazilian players are today. On the full-back of Barcelona, who recently broke his collarbone and will be between 6 and 8 weeks off, was cautious. "We talked directly to him and there is an initial estimate that is four weeks inactive. We have to see how it evolves but we still believe in the possibility of carrying the Olympic Games. "

For now, the side will miss a friendly next canarinha that will measure against Denmark, USA, Mexico and Argentina. Menezes has decided to call the Manchester full-back of Rafael da Silva to take the place of these meetings Alves for waiting to see how the full-back of Barcelona, ​​the first choice for coach. Brazil will largely with players under 23 years old but the coach can choose up to three players older and Alves was a fixture in the initial plans of the technician. Menezes is hoping that azulgrana full-back can be in good shape for the debut match of yours, which will occur on July 26 against Egypt. Brazil has high hopes in a group of players who will take the flagship Neymar. Santos forward as a footballer is vindicating differential and the Games will be a splendid showcase for impact away from Brazil.

To all this, Menezes also referred to European football and stressed the style of Bayern Munich, who understands football is a reference to the coaching team. "Bayern has characteristics similar to those that try to apply the selection." Also regretted the injuries suffered by the Brazilian defenders in recent times. "In the last few months have been injured players like Thiago Silva, Dede and David Luiz." (via SPORT)