11 May 2012

[Selection; Youth] Good debut of David Babunski with the selection under-21 of Macedonia

The selection under-21 of Macedonia defeated 1-0 to Northern Ireland, with a good performance of barcelonista David Babunski.

David Babunski made ​​one of his dreams and on Thursday made ​​his international debut under-21 of Macedonia. He did it in a qualifying match for the European category, against Northern Ireland and in the selection of beat Macedonia 1-0 in Northern Ireland.

Babunski, which is only 18 years, did not start but entered the field in the second half. And it was decisive in the 82nd minute when he gave a great pass to Hasani, who was subject to penalty. The maximum penalty Urdinov transformed into the only goal that gave the three points to the Macedonians.

"In the second part I understood we had to push harder in midfield, so I gave entry to Babunski and Timov and it worked because David was born the play of the goal," he said after the game coach under-21 of Macedonia .

"It goes without saying that the national team of Macedonia takes a lot to someone like David Babunksi. Hopefully John Toshack was aware of it. Has a good reason: it is in Barcelona!" Says the news agency of Macedonia Mina. (via SPORT)