11 May 2012

[Selection] Del Bosque: "Pedro tries to do better, but the list is only 23"

The coach is finalizing the list for the Euro in which the lead may run out Blaugrana.

On May 27th when Vicente del Bosque will provide the final list squad for Euro 2012 to be held in Poland and Ukraine. Barca player will be forming the backbone of the team, but lost weight in the line of attack. The coach, in conversation with SPORT, offered some hints of what may be the list that Pedro Rodríguez and David Villa are in serious danger of running out.

The basic resulting in Tenerife over the World Cup, but this season has not enjoyed much regularity. Del Bosque applauds the attitude that always displays, but can not guarantee a place in the great quote: "Pedro is trying to do better, but have had an uneven season. We have a limit of 23 players and we can not carry more. "

David Villa's situation is also disturbing, but if for physical reasons. Del Bosque acknowledged his "concern that we do not know what the situation is. The player is working, although we do see signs of player as we would like. "The Salamanca avoid comparisons with the players that played the last World Cup came and recalled that "Torres and Iniesta could play the first game against Switzerland." Del Bosque avoids compromise and "I hate to think" the only option to call Villa to play from the quarterfinals.

Who is called to be a basic piece in Euro is Sergio Busquets. Coach values ​​highly its performance and not close the door to play then the London Olympics. "If asked, every player would want to go to an event like this. Between the two competitions have time and want Luis Milla will make the best team, "he said.

Leaving aside the case of the injured Carles Puyol, the remaining core players in midfield and defense will be present at the meeting on Polish soil. Of these, Gerard Piqué is destined to enjoy a major role. Del Bosque stressed that "we have great confidence in him and is an important player. In defense we have many possibilities, Javi Martinez also can play back or in midfield. "

The coach has closely followed the entire season and saw Barca in the Camp Nou stage of the semi-final against Chelsea. Del Bosque called it "terrible" phase and much less did change the high opinion he has of Pep Guardiola. "It's a unique coach. No one has won the same as him and the good style he has shown. It has always been very correct. As everyone can have their stuff, but I think someone majísimo ".

The relationship between Del Bosque and Guardiola has improved as the years have gone into very cordial, something he hopes to have with his replacement, Tito Vilanova. In any case, the coach supports the choice of Bellacaire as new coach of FC Barcelona. "Do not know him personally, but I value a lot as well fulfilled as assistant coach and is not an easy job. Pep has worked with much discretion and for something they have chosen. " (via SPORT)