17 May 2012

[Selection] Del Bosque: "I do not rule Puyol either Villa until 27"

The national team coach said that "until 27" will not rule out "any player", referring to Carles Puyol and David Villa.

"We have time to give the final list for Euro until 27, so until that day does not rule out anyone, including Puyol and Villa" he said.

Although Puyol was operated on his knee last week and Villa is still recovering from a fractured tibia, the importance of both players allowed to have the doors open until the day the selection will go.

"Puyol is a team leader and there is no hurry. On 27 decide, and Villa is the efficiency at goal. In ten days we will leave doubts," Del Bosque said after chairing the Committee IV football draft, who chose the best players and young players in Spanish football.

Del Bosque, having declared that his work with the youth ranks at Real Madrid represented phase "richer" and that he felt "more comfortable" in his career, said the Italian, the first rival in the Championship, "and fully analyzed. "

"Italy is a new team, they know the lines together and make a balanced game. Speculate with the ball in central midfield, but they know to find the good pass to their forwards created danger. May have little game, but they are dangerous" he said. (via SPORT)