09 May 2012

Santos president gets angry in the interest of Barcelona in Neymar

Neymar in 2013? That Barça will plant potatoes!", loosed annoying.

Santos president, Luis Álvaro de Oliveira, is upset by reports on the future of Neymar, who is said to arrive at Camp Nou in the summer of 2013. "We do not speak now neither Messi nor Neymar. We are focused on playing. Odds of Neymar out before 2014 are equal to zero," released in Ona FM and added: "I have the hope to continue with the player after 2014, to stay 80 years. We will compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid when the contract ". But had not lost out to Real Madrid? "The truth is that it is up to 2014. Then the decision is only the player," he said.

When in Brazil asked about these rumors, the official said indignantly: "That Barça plant potatoes in Barcelona." Yesterday qualified his exclamation. "It was a joke that we get from management." Then questioned their relationship with Sandro Rosell and Florentino Pérez, said the president of Barça "I have a special relationship. He is a gentleman and a loyal friend. With Florentino too, but not so close as Sandro," he said. The president did not hesitate to confess that "I prefer to Neymar than Messi. I have great admiration for Leo. It's a really great player, but Neymar has over the face of the Santos." (via MD)