17 May 2012

Rosell: "The greatness of Borregán demonstrated in time to retire"

Sandro Rosell, president of FC Barcelona, ​​spoke about the difficulty of withdrawing and praised the decision to Alberto Borregán.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, he shrank from any comment outside the scope of hockey in the dismissal of Alberto Borregán, although the comments about football came up with some questions.

Rosell began his speech by saying that "it is one of those days that makes me very happy to be President of FC Barcelona". He announced to honor the player: "start with what was done at the end. The board announces that he will retire the jersey 'Beto' Borregán.

"Bob could be a hockey Kubala, look at the interest is in the press room, it usually happens with hockey, that makes the character, I like to say that hockey is the Kubala," Rosell said to be asked if there were any parallels with the player to be honored this Thursday morning in the courtyard of Camp Nou.

He was also asked by the fact Rosell retire and whether any president that has not been able to withdraw, referring to the last words of Joan Laporta.

His answer, laughing, was whether there was another example and said: "The greatness of Beto is shown at the time of retirement. In life in general is very difficult to withdraw a lot of people struggle and athletically to be even more complicated. "

"The day we stop being withdrawn acclaimed by the masses. There is no doubt that greatness is that it also makes it easy to difficult, "he added. (via SPORT)