12 May 2012

Redknapp denies an agreement with Barça for Gareth Bale

The Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has denied today that his club has reached an agreement with Barça to sign the Welsh midfielder Gareth Bale.

"I think there is a trace of truth in that," said the coach about the information published by Marca on a possible agreement for the transfer of Welsh international, 22, the club azulgrana for 40 million euros.

The coach said the London club aims to keep their best players on the roster in order to consolidate a team that can qualify for the Champions League in a "regular".

"We can forget the Champions League in the future unless we keep our best players and add new talent. Never thought about selling them," said Redknapp.

With rumors about a possible place of Welsh, and Redknapp said few days ago that Bale is the "future of the club" and it is too early in his career to play for a team like Barça.

"At the first opportunity that has become his home with his family in Wales, so do not think you are ready to go yet," said the coach. (via MD)