03 May 2012

PSG, go for Alves

Dani Alves recalls that has a contract until 2015 and warns that only go to a top team that will ensure arrival in Brazil 2014 in full.

The future of Dani Alves is gaining attention. A few days ago there was speculation Anzhi an alleged Russian offer, now comes the turn of the French PSG. Two clásicos that appear day in, day out, all those names associated with front-line for one reason or another can skip to the football market. In a way he repeats what happened with Manchester City.

Since last season, coinciding with arrival of capital Catari, announced the intention to empower a workforce that can compete for all available titles. After a year of transition, waiting to confirm an imminent relief in sports management, PSG is in a position to enforce the weight of his millions to entice players with the profile of Alves. However, as happened with Anzhi, the Blaugrana side environment roundly denies any bid or direct suggestion from PSG French or from Barça.

The sports management Blaugrana displayed the most cautious. While expanding all kinds of rumors placing Alves away from Camp Nou next season, Barça officially silent awaiting the end of the league and dispute the final of the Copa del Rey. Then it's time to dispel doubts. During this transition period itself has recognized the need to define a pair of operations should report significant income to go to market with guarantees attached to a pair of top players.

And this is where Alves seems to have the hours counted. The Brazilian, at 29 years and Montoya waiting their turn, has an excellent international cartel and is not listed with the poster of 'transferable'. His departure is not considered traumatic and income of their transfer itself would provide the basis for a significant budget transfers.

Dani Alves is warned for weeks about the crushing season finale ahead. It is assumed that one of the preferred targets for all kinds of speculation. For now is calm and satisfied with his performance this season. No one has said anything about his future and has ordered his agents not to make the slightest intention to search for possible accommodation away from Barça. He is happy in Barcelona and is in favor of exhausting his contract does not expire until 2015. However, in the case of an output materialize to meet the economic needs of the Barca side has no intention of accepting a transfer to a second-tier club or a league that is not first class much money is at stake.

Alves wants to compete at the highest level and reach fulfillment of conditions in the World Cup Brazil 2014. The player is patient and wait for end of season to the board or the director sports, Andoni Zubizarreta, information on whether the rumors are true or encountered are typical of a market speculation own boiling end of the season. Alves is ready for everything and with an eye to the Premier or the Italian Calcio. (via SPORT)