03 May 2012

Pellegrini: "Guardiola will take little in return, football needs you"

Manuel Pellegrini praised Pep Guardiola for his career ahead of Barça and believes the Catalan "take little" to return to the bench, because "football needs him."

"I think the Pep's decision will be short time football needs you. Has made ​​the best decision for him, but I think he will be short. People football takes little to return to football," said the Chilean.

Thrashed out after the Camp Nou (4-1) with three goals from Lionel Messi, Pellegrini has spared no praise for the technical rival in "Guardiola's contribution to football has been immense, not only for the titles, but for the game he has shown and the quality as a person. the way held the titles also is important. "

Regarding the game, considered that the result does not reflect the actions of his men, as "the team made a correct match, worthy, and we have not deserved to lose," he said.

In any case, admitted he may have "lacked ambition" and recalled that his team has demanded more azulgrana goal on several occasions that Barcelona to Kameni.

Asked about the two penalties against, has opined that "decided the game," but insisted that from the technical viewpoint, trying to assess some penalties charged.

"We have to keep fighting these last two games to go as high as possible in the table," said Pellegrini. (via SPORT)