23 May 2012

Pedro: "Guardiola has changed my life"

Pedro Rodríguez believes that FC Barcelona has played "better than ever" but has not accompanied the lot.

Pedro Rodríguez knows he has not been his best season and it has said in an interview with Diaro 'El Pais'. However, the end canary dress hopes to continue Barça next season.

"Surely, I could not help as I would have liked. Has been a year quite irregular lesions, especially in the ankle, which had a relapse. That killed me. I was standing too long ... It took a catch the rate because the companions were plugged. I've been hard times for the injuries, I missed many games. have been small lesions, but they cut me up. I tried to take the best possible. With the help of the team, the smile soon recover "he says.

He adds about his future: "I want to. Not know if the club will continue to rely on me, I hope so. In that sense, I am calm and grateful to have been enjoying so far this privilege," he says.

In addition, Pedro has in mind the European Championship in Poland and hopes to speed up their options to convince Forest to join the squad for the appointment. "I look forward to going to Poland because I've never played a tournament like that, but it is complicated. Yes, like the end is my last chance to convince the coach, but do not know," he says.

Peter also referred to the inevitable march of Pep and the succession of Tito Vilanova in the azulgrana bench. "The years are long, there are many parties, this wastes a lot. He rest. He has given everything for us. And I changed my life," he reflects. And then adds: "
The appointment surprised me, but I'm glad. Vilanova know the values​​, the house, the quarry ... I am sure that with him we will continue to compete from the same philosophy. "

For Pedro, despite not winning or Champions League and the team played great football this season so was very pleased with the role azulgrana. "Football sometimes is unfair. This season we played better than ever. Machacábamos Just before the ball is now in the suit" sentence. (via SPORT)