25 May 2012

The other hat trick from Messi

Argentina's is good at the Calderón, is good at the Athletic Club and moves like a fish in water in the end. At last comes the final.

Barça tonight dispute last game Josep Guardiola on the bench and is a duel to remember: the final of the Copa del Rey against Athletic Club. With another title on the line, Leo Messi lead the best possible equipment that may present at this time the Blaugrana in a stadium, the Vicente Calderón, who is good at.

The Argentine is a life insurance look at it: he has scored nine goals at the Vicente Calderon eight with Barça, one with Argentina, fifteen goals in the final twelve he has played as Blaugrana first team is not able to play other what has made three other nine in direct confrontation against the Basque side: six in the League, two in the Super Cup in Spain and one in the final of the Copa del Rey 2009.

Barça defend their nest in the competition the winners of 25 titles by 23 of the rojiblancos have the best team that can occur in those that are not too far from the eleven that many would consider ideal.

Jose Manuel Pinto is the keeper of the Copa del Rey since Guardiola became the first team and will be the last. With it, the blaugrana have played two finals and won one. Is the line of defense that raises some doubt due to heavy losses to be covered. Absent Alves, Puyol and Abidal, Piqué and Mascherano are called to be basic.

If Pep commitment to line four, Catalan and Argentina comprise the central axis, with Montoya and Adriano on the full-backs, if the end has a line of three, most likely it is that Brazil remains in the eleven.

The midfield holder during the cycle of have integrated Guardiola Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta. The three were able to regain strength in recent weeks and hence, under normal conditions, Pep present this midfield that combines touch and defensive balance. Another option is that, in defense of three, set a diamond in which Cesc would be located at the top of it, alternating with Leo Messi in the nine false position to take advantage of the arrival area and the ability to shot from Fàbregas.

As for the front, Alexis Sánchez and Pedro and Andres Iniesta in the case to bring forward its position to the left wing seem chosen to accompany Leo in the attack. As in the case of his companions, Chilean and Tenerife have been able to hone their fitness and arrive in top condition. Just like a Messi with 72 goals this season has blown all records scorers. This night can increase these records but have already secured, of course, the second Pichichi, the second Golden Boot trophy as the fourth top scorer in the Champions League.

It seems a match for the Praetorian Guard for Guardiola, who make up the core of Pep Team, always at the expense of Santpedor coach Marcelo Bielsa try to surprise a student of rivals, with some tactical variant introducing any grown players. The last charge to try to add the title fourteenth of nineteen possible. Figures of legend. (via SPORT)