26 May 2012

Of brotherhood Senyera-Ikurriña to the top of Abidal

At the end of the match the Barça players held the title as if it were the first in a stage and not the last.

It was a few minutes to the 12 at night. The referee blew the final whistle of the match. For the past few minutes, reserve players, technicians and auxiliary Barca were already hugging the edge of the pitch. With the whistle, all entered the pitch to congratulate their peers.

They improvised the first "Sardana" of the night, even smaller. Meanwhile, in the stands, the Barça fans chanted "Athletic, Athletic," while the Basques responded with applause. In the moment of victory, the Barça players did not forget his fellow Athletic. Thiago tried to console his team-mate Muniain, while Puyol and Iniesta also approached other Basque players.

While the Athletic players rose to collect his medal, Carles Puyol made ​​him the captain's armband to Xavi Hernández, for it was he who picked up the trophy. When opposing players and returned to the lawn, were the Barca who went to collect their trophies. Everyone, even the injured, with the shirt of Barca, unless Sergio Busquets, who wore a blue shirt with a slogan giving encouragement to Eric Abidal.

All to collect their trophies, unless Pep Guardiola, who was embraced in the grass with Manel Estiarte, and Tito Vilanova. The three left the only protagonist the players. After a brief "discussion" with Puyol, Xavi who was accepted to collect the cup and lift it.

Again all the grass. In the midfield players, assistants and technicians got on a platform and, as usual, bath confetti helped them to continue celebrating the win. For public address, as a few years ago at the Bernabéu, sounded the hymn of FC Barcelona.

Then the players started to turn around the field of honor, while Pep Guardiola and went to the locker room. During the lap of honor, Puyol picked up first one and then a ikurriña senyera. Them together with a bow to finish turning.

Subsequently, Guardiola returned to the field, to make the traditional "Sardana", all united in one round, this time in the midfield, but was close to where the Barcelona fans.

And how could it be otherwise, a great keepsake for Eric Abidal. Carles Puyol was the same who covered the Champions Cup with the French player's shirt to finish going around the pitch, while a very active Piqué encouraged fans to do the wave. (via SPORT)