03 May 2012

Leao: "No money nor the inclination to lead Guardiola to Brazil"

The ex coach and current coach of Sao Paulo, Émerson Leao, said that "no money nor the inclination" for the Barça coach comes to the direction of the Brazilian team.

"We have no money, desire or need to hire. How many teams he directed?, One? That's the difference," said Leao, who was one of the gatekeepers of the Brazilian national team in the World Cup in Spain in 1982.

In a hypothetical Guardiola arrival of the Brazilian national team, said Leao, Catalan coach will not have time for a process like he did at Barça. "Guardiola in the selection moves to the distance of a Latin and South American country. He has features to manage any team, but to do the same thing, depends on the financial value you have," said the coach at a news conference.

For Leao, Guardiola "only going to get to a new Barcelona in five years and here in six months, one (as coach) succeeds or not."

When visiting Barcelona, ​​Guardiola won 13 titles in 17 tournaments. "Everybody talks about Barcelona, but who won the 'Spanish'? Real Madrid and who will win the Champions League? Neither Real nor Barcelona," Leao questioned.

After the campaign launched on social networks for the eventual arrival of the Brazilian national team Guardiola, ex striker Ronaldo, current member of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) World Cup Brazil 2014, called it "unlikely" recruitment.

However, the former player of Barcelona and Real Madrid on Saturday admitted Folha TV channel that the Spanish coach "would be a technical optimum for any team, even for the Brazilian national team."

The current Brazilian coach, Mano Menezes, will have its trial by fire to continue at the helm in the London Olympics, when Brazil attempt, once again, conquer the unprecedented gold medal. (via SPORT)