08 May 2012

Neymar, Barça in 2013

Nobody knows what will be your roof, but a crack at the height of Zico, Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Neymar is prepared for the jump.

Neymar was right. And Barça also. In the short term, the best option that the player has always been a full time training stage in his country, playing at Santos, the club where he trained and with whom you feel 100% identified. In 2011, aged 19, was already arguably the best player operating in Brazil, and some, like the case of Ronaldo, he immediately wanted to push into Europe, and more particularly to Real Madrid.

The 'Mohican', well aware of what happened to Robinho, wanted to delay his trip to Europe, supporting the idea that he could build on their own country. And how you are getting. Neymar wears a magnificent 2012. Not only has pushed his scoring (23 goals in 22 games), but has proven to be able to load the equipment on his back and define, in first person singular, when and how you want. Golea, dribbles, wonder, and best, every encounter opens a future far more promising. At 20 years, no one is able to spot what will be your roof. What is clear, a crack at the height of Zico, Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho Gaucho.

In key Blaugrana, there is no better news than their successes with the '11' Santos. Neymar wants to leave the club, having been acclaimed as the best player on the stage post-Pelé. And for sure that he is succeeding. In the centennial year, is going to win the Paulista third championship this weekend won 0-3 to Guarani in the final round-a fact that Santos won only twice (1960-61-62 and 1967-68-69) precisely when 'O Rei' was in the field. The biggest challenge is to retain the title of the Copa Santander Libertadores and try, then win the World Club Championship, now that you know that the club does not cross into his path.

Each title with Santos, a little more about him at Camp Nou. The agreement for transfer in 2014, when his current contract ends, and is sealed. The only question is whether to accelerate his move one or two seasons. In this sense, the evolution of football will be a factor to take into account.

As much as is the bright star of his country, Neymar is still in formative stages. The Santos Medical Department considers it would be in 2013, when he turns 21, who will reach the apex fitness. Stabilized by 1.74 m high, is still going to evolve, and much, from the physical point of view. You will gain muscle mass, but this is not a priority at all costs. It wants to strengthen the resilience and strength, but without losing top speed, which became this season of 34.7 km / h in a maximum derby with Sao Paulo, in the semifinals of the Paulista Championship.

An important aspect in the success of Neymar is the peace of mind that his future is set. The strategy of harassment and demolition of Madrid not only failed its purpose, but destabilized the player and the Saints. With its renewal until 2014 and the transfer agreement with Barça, the 'Mohican' can only focus on his magic show at each meeting. The only question is when will dress Blaugrana: this summer, that of 2013 or 2014. (via SPORT)