16 May 2012

Mourinho: "If there is justice Cristiano will win the Ballon d'Or"

Real Madrid coach José Mourinho says that is just as Cristiano Ronaldo wins the Ballon d'Or 'this season, although he acknowledged that both his fellow Argentinian Leo Messi as "are above the rest" and are the main and only candidates.

"The championship we won thanks to all staff, but Ronaldo is a special player because he scores anyway and in any position. He and Messi are above the rest and if there is justice in football this year to win the Ballon d'Or, "said Mourinho in Kuwait, where they will play a friendly on Wednesday against the selection Arabic.

The coach, who showed his intention to do well in the last game of the year, made clear that they have not traveled "de tourismo". "For the first time I come to this country. But do not come from tourism, we come to play and try to win," said Mourinho.

"We know it's a friendly, but Real Madrid always has to leave his prestige as high as possible. But that come with the whole team. Tomorrow all will play to make it his name and prestige of Real Madrid. It is true they are somewhat tired by the time we have faced but we're fine, "he said.

"We respect this team," commented on Kuwait. "Although we must bear in mind that we come to celebrate the league, seven hours of flight and with little training," he said.

"It is important that no player is injured because many of them have in mind and the Euro, but our idea is to come to play a good game and try to win it," he said. In addition, Mourinho reflected the desire to play there meringues.

"Real Madrid wanted to play in Kuwait, but preseason is too complicated for the few holidays and weather. It is a difficult time because the players would like to be on vacation, but have responded well by the prestige of Real Madrid and we are here to try to do well. " (via MD)