03 May 2012

Mourinho: "Barça have two penalties whistled again so so ...

Even where it should be a very happy day for him, José Mourinho wanted to agree, and certainly not for the good of FC Barcelona. And is that the technician has stated that "Barça have two penalties whistled so well, as many times ...".

Leaving aside this "detail", Mourinho explained that "everyone in this club have made their contribution for this title. This team deserves more emotion than it has received. Deserves more. Our families are special, are the ones who suffer most ". In addition, much selfishness as is usual with him, added that "la Liga has been more difficult of the seven that I won. Barcelona has won many games. They, three-time champions, club of great tradition, know that we deserved this league ".

Finally, Mourinho admitted that and think about next season. "Tomorrow will come to the office of José Ángel Sánchez and we will get to work."