06 May 2012

Mourinho accused Guardiola of "selling an image of perfection"

In an interview with the "ABC" madridista coach José Mourinho again criticized the coach azulgrana Pep Guardiola.

"I've never tried to hide my flaws. However, some people have different personalities, the hide, but eventually time takes care to show it all. Not normal is to sell an image of perfection because in the end it shows that none is perfect, "said Mourinho, referring to Guardiola, though without naming it. "I know him since he was a player and I assistant. I keep it a very good memory. Then life changes, people change," he added.

Asked about the rivalry Barça-Madrid, Mourinho said his "goal" in life is to win at Barça. "Losing to Barcelona does not hurt to lose to Bayern or winning Barça gives me more pleasure than Bayern win the Champions League final I won," said the coach of Real Madrid.

He also gave his opinion on who should be the next Ballon d'Or "Who won the world's largest League? Cristiano Ronaldo. Who won the UCL? None. Who deserves the Ballon d'Or? Cristiano Ronaldo," said Mourinho .

"Florentino said that Madrid needed me. And I needed to Real Madrid for my career was full, "said Mourinho, who was clear from the outset what their goal as Madrid coach:" It was necessary for Madrid not to allow the dominance of Barcelona is accentuated. "A mission accomplished for Mourinho, who wants to win "more links with the Madrid" after having won the title three major championships such as England, Italy and Spain.

Also the Champions League is a prime target for the Portuguese: "Barcelona, considered by all the most talented team in recent times, has won two consecutive Champions. The Madrid a few years ago was not getting to the quarterfinals and today we played two semifinals and lost one on penalties. Madrid is clear that this is much better than two years ago, "he said.

Finally, he defended his game model, much more direct than that used by Barça: "I love the beautiful game of Madrid. I like football live, dynamic, strong transitions. Much more than the wear of the adversary by possession, "he said. (via SPORT)