06 May 2012

The most intimate farewell Guardiola

When the lights went out in the Camp Nou, Pep Guardiola had another exciting moment with their loved ones.

He had finished the official press conference and there was no one in those stands that had been about to burst a few minutes earlier. The received echoes of the cheers died away, but now, half light, Guardiola wanted to have another very special farewell which was, is and will be home. The Santpedor, accompanied by his partner, Cristina Serra, and their three children, Màrius, Maria and Valentina, walk back to the lawn for a few minutes with them.

In this intimacy, Pep recalled what was a magical night and a memorable stage alongside you love. He sat on the same bench where he has been working over the past four seasons, with his children near him. It was an intimacy that was short lived, because soon joined that meeting other relatives and friends improvised Guardiola. His parents, his brothers, his nephews, his representative Josep Maria Orobitg ... all accompanied him on that particular farewell Camp Nou.

Immortalized by photojournalists who were still at the Camp Nou, Guardiola and his men culminated one day they will not forget while living. One day you will not forget anyone who claims to be Barcelona ...

VIDEO: www.sport.es