10 May 2012

A month without news of Abidal

30 days have elapsed since the intervention of Eric Abidal and information about French defender absent.

he last medical report on the liver transplant was provided shortly after the operation and he was referring to the satisfaction of the whole development process.

Through the club has held on numerous occasions expressed will of the player and his family to preserve privacy.

Private tours outside the family have been told and the only leaks hardly have served to point out that everything evolves as expected. Sources close to the player himself have confirmed to the drafting stages Abidal is meeting scheduled in advance.

In this regard, and after passing the postoperative course was uneventful in recent days on minor problems have arisen that were already covered before the operation performed by Dr. Juan Carlos Garcia-Valdecasas.

Abidal will stay some days more than expected in Barnaclínic facilities before receiving a medical discharge. It is expected that within a short period of time, medical services necessary to give the go-ahead to open the chapter of visits and colleagues can scroll to the hospital grounds. (via SPORT)