02 May 2012

Messi wants Pichichi and Barca record goals

Return la Liga and the Pep Team has on individual and collective records some of the greatest incentives to remain competitive.

With the League well on its way to Madrid, Barcelona has on individual and collective records another reason to not let go in the domestic competition. The 'Pep Team' takes second place in the scorers table but their numbers are those of a championship team. Moreover, Guardiola have the opportunity to achieve his best scorer in la Liga. To date, totaling 104 goals and are therefore only one of its particular record. It happened in the 2008-09 campaign, the first with Pep on the bench when the team reached 105.

Guardiola then staged a stellar campaign, overwhelming offensive arsenal, with players like Eto'o, Messi and Henry, who completed a splendid campaign. La Liga was azulgrana and the beginning of a long list of titles that staged the best season in club history with a hat-trick to remember.

With three days to close the league break the record seems most likely for a married team goal. The Barcelona is now even more scoring, which is explained by the exponential growth of Messi (in 2008-09 marked `alone Do 23 points) more than ever the alpha and omega of Barcelona. More than ever the thermometer of the possibilities of joint Guardiola.

More difficult will be to the numbers of Madrid (112 goals), this course has been characterized by a devastating punch with three players as Cristiano (43) Benzema (20) and Higuain (21), which ensure a large number of goals . Particularly the Portuguese, who keeps a pulse spectacular Leo. Both play the other league. In the case of 'La Pulga' have you already passed his best scorer in La Liga does the of the 2008-09 season with 34 goals 43 goals what amount. The same as Christian. Leo competes for the top scorer with figures from another planet that just resists Cristiano. They also compete for the next Ballon d'Or a trophy contested than ever, because both have are completing an extraordinary season. The latest disappointment of Barcelona, especially in Europe and the elimination league defeat against Real Madrid, question repeat again that Messi Ballon d'Or more so when the summer is Euro and Leo is not present.

By the way, Guardiola is expected to continue to give Pinto minutes to reach its best level in the final Copera and ensure its fifth Valdés Zamora. (via SPORT)