19 May 2012

Mascherano: "Guardiola is going through the front door"

Mascherano is one of those players that run deep within and outside the locker room and discussed the situation in Barcelona and Pep Guardiola.

'El jefecito' reviewed his impressions of the moment lived at the FC Barcelona a few days of playing the Copa del Rey final and Guardiola gave before his departure.

"Guardiola is different in how they watch football. When I had come here had a different concept of what it was football. He taught me to see it differently and how to take this profession. I learned a lot how to be better profeisonal take you seriously because the profession beyond the results, "Mascherano said in an interview with the newspaper 'ARA'.

In addition, Argentina has no doubt Pep and qualifies as "the coach who most influenced me."

"Perhaps we agree on a stage where I was more mature. The two most influential are Bielsa and Guardiola although Benitez also gave me a hand when he was 'fuck' at West Ham," he says.

Now, with the departure of Guardiola on the horizon, 'el jefecito' is clear that Pep is going as a giant in the history of the club.

"It's very difficult for a coach to do well in a club. Or get kicked out or not will renew ... Here was his decision. I think it goes through the front door," he says.

Finally, Mascherano believes that the achievement of the Copa would be "the best way to close the cycle of Barça coach Pep" and said that also would allow them to start the season fighting for another title as the Super Cup.

Lastly, on its continuity at Barça, Mascherano does not give rise to doubts: "In these clubs you have to go when you throw." (via SPORT)