04 May 2012

Mancini admits that Manchester City want to sign Bale

The club, which will rival the club by the full-back of Tottenham willing to offer 50 million for the Welsh.

According acknowledges this British newspapers 'The Sun', 'Mirror' and 'Daily Mail', Roberto Mancini has admitted that Gareth Bale is one of the aims of Manchester City ahead of next season.

Also claimed by Barça and player with much pull among fans azulgrana, Tottenham's Welsh international is, according to Mancini, a perfect reinforcement to provide the team claw plus pursued by the Italian coach of the team 'citizen'.

The City would deembolsar dipuesto to 40 million pounds (50 million euros) by the young (22 years) and versatile left back, but despite being a significant number Roberto Mancini himself is not convinced that sufficient "to Bale fiche for us. Tottenham a 'big' and would lógido I wanted to stay. "

These words of Mancini could also be linked to the repeated 'flirtations' Bale himelf with Barça, noting, for example, who seduces the Blaugrana football or would be a dream to call at the Camp Nou.

In any case, the Manchester City intends to push hard for it and rival Barcelona, ​​who manages Jordi Alba (Valencia) and David Alaba (Bayern) as alternatives, pulling book. (via MD)