19 May 2012

Keita will go free if Tito does not prevent

The midfielder handles multiple offers, although the Premier seduces him as the next destination.

Seydou Keita's future is a mystery. At this time, and waiting for a second meeting with Tito Vilanova, the Malian is with foot and a half outside of Barcelona. From the outset, because despite everything said and published, midfielder contract ends June 30. And, most important, because it burns with desire to accumulate more minutes and feel important in big games. Deals will abound from almost all European leagues.

About Keita contract has generated enormous confusion. Under the leadership of Joan Laporta, the Malian signed a complex agreement. The footballer was committed through 2014, but its continuity was subject to a minimum return season after season. What has happened? Very easy. Keita has joined the campaign set the minutes and, therefore, has secured its automatic renewal. The African is free on June 30 and is not a bargaining chip in any transaction with Milan or anyone else. No More Auction and speculations as to the market.

The starting point is unclear, but Keita is a type grateful as they come, their links with Barça and the city goes beyond the sport itself. The Malian has been one of the players who have already had their particular face to face with Guardiola to leave their personal capacity. It was the appointment before speaking to Tito Vilanova to see first hand what he thinks the new coach of Barcelona and what you think about the future of Keita. The conversation was brief and she told him that Tito would love to have their sevicios next season. A simple approach before sited for a new meeting may be held immediately after the final of the Copa del Rey.

Until then, Keita has ordered his agents to stop any contact with the many clubs that have been directed at you personally. He favored leaving and enticed some of the proposals of the Premier, but will not move any thread to clear all the doubts at Barça. If Tito is able to guarantee a greater role within the field and that translates into an offer of renewal thereafter, all can be redefined. Otherwise, after meeting with Villanova, be considered absolutely liberated to announce where he will play next season.

Keita wants to stay on top at least two more seasons. At 32 years, thanks to his prodigious physical, is convinced that maintain excellent performance to the 2014 World Cup. The sports management continues discreetly in the background. The Malian ends and no one has taken a step to propose an alternative to the current contract renewal. (via SPORT)