02 May 2012

Keita, a key to the signings of Thiago Silva and Capoue

That of Mali holds the key to Milan, who wants to sell its headquarters and Barça look for their replacement in Toulouse midfielder.

Unwittingly or drink, Seydou Keita has become a key piece for two players of interest to Barça ahead of next season to finish clocking: the center-back of Milan Thiago Silva and Toulouse midfielder Etienne Capoue, though different reasons.

Keita, who accumulates four seasons at Barça, is one of the major objectives of Milan to strengthen their midfield. The veteran Clarence Seedorf (36 years) and Gennaro Gattuso (34), together with the confirmed return of Mark van Bommel from PSV, AC Milan to sign forced to shore up its average.

The Mali midfielder has many girlfriends (Anzhi, Liverpool, Milan ...), but of all the proposals that most appeals to you is primarily Italian club, which not only ensures its high last contract in the economic, but also allows you to continue to compete at the highest level as in the Camp Nou.

Consequently, and given that Barça is the best substitute but not a permanent fixture, the club azulgrana could use the 'weapon Keita' to get Thiago Silva, a center-back that continues for several seasons but so far not even had been raised by high economic demands of Milan.

Now, however, and although still a mainstay for Milan in the axis of the rear, with the letter Keita, the club could at least bring down the purchase of Brazilian international, who last summer renewed by all 'Rossoneri 'until June 2016.

Given the eventual departure of Keita to Milan, Barça has prepared a plan B to replace that of Mali. One player that most scouts have followed the culés, and already sounded in their day to supply the lower Touré Yaya is Toulouse midfielder Etienne Capoue.

The French footballer of Guadeloupean origin, possesses all the qualities required Barça midfielder: good ball control, intelligent interpretation, strong defensively ...

In addition, the cost would not resemble in anything that would ask for Javi Martínez Athletic, the most liked at Can Barça, so almost the same price as the red and white, plus Keita, Thiago Silva could end up landing and Capoue. (via MD)