20 May 2012

Keita gives priority to stay in Barça of Vilanova

His agent revealed MD that Seydou talk to Tito before considering other offers.

Although the list of suitors is large and is headed by Milan and Liverpool, the priority of Keita is staying at Barça. His representative, Pascal Boisseau, MD said yesterday that the Mali midfielder will not listen to anyone until meeting with Tito Vilanova. "The player wants to stay at Barça and this is his first choice. Those teams who want to sign him to wait. Not talk to anybody," he said.

The summit will be held "within 10 or 15 days," once you have played the final of the Copa del Rey on May 25 against Athletic and after the new coach to take his first steps. Keita wants to know if Tito will include in its plans and whether it will be a technician to open the starting line to those who are in better condition. It does not require ownership, far from it. Knows the competition is tough, which is in the best club in the world surrounded by cracks and is 32 years. What is not to be relegated to a substitution to lengthen in time or omitted from the relevant parties. The experience of this season gives actually meditate. In the section just has had decisive role. He did not play a minute in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, even in the immediate encounter against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou with the League at stake and just 17 minutes on the pulse agonized in the Stadium to the English.

Keita's future is in your hands. With no holder disputed half of games this season (with 24 of the 63 possible but has participated in a total of 41), the contract includes an escape clause that lets you go free to any other club. Therefore, out of contract and has a free hand to pluck the daisy of its future. And knowing that you can sign a contract juicier and more economically advantageous to sporting, midfielder wants probe laalternativa Barça. His Barça. (via MD)