15 May 2012

José Ángel 'comes back' and is left wanting for Barça

Barça already tried a year ago but the full-back went to Rome ... Luis Enrique.

Football takes many turns and sometimes dramatically. Just a year ago, José Ángel Valdés was the left back on the negotiated seriously Barça, but the Spaniard finally Sporting emigrated to Roma to get to the orders of his countryman Luis Enrique. A season later, the coach is no longer in the club, Roma will not play in Europe and Barça has even more need of a left-back.

And if José Ángel liked it so much earlier this year, because of his youth (22 years) is not ruled out that Barça has not forgotten. The player himself was left wanting COM Ràdio yesterday: "I always like it when a club like Barcelona is interested in you. It is important that you are there but are the clubs who must agree. Last year there were contacts. For me, was done because you can not say no to a club like Barça. "

José Ángel has had quite a first season with participation in Roma, although the relay coach at the Italian club raises doubts about his future. In its day, the Roma paid the Sporting 5 'kilos' for the signing of a side route that has been Under-21 international. Half of that amount must be paid by the Rome before 15 July. José Ángel signed for five years at a rate of 1.25 million each. (via MD)