11 May 2012

Jose Ángel, another future possibility in the agenda of the Barça

The technical services Of Barça are working to strengthen the defense in the face of the 2012-13 season.

Barça has recovered the name of defense of Roma José Ángel Valdés as one of the options for strengthening the position of left back for the next season. The complications that have arisen in the case of Jordi Alba because of the financial claims of Valencia have been responsible Blaugrana to recalibrate targets.

Although the Welshman Gareth Bale is the player with the most sign on this boundary, the exorbitant demands of Tottenham Hotspur, more than 50 million euros, making the operation unviable. Jordi Alba, of training barcelonista and excellent performance at the Mestalla, became the first option, but again the economic aspect has curbed the transaction already agreed with the player. The Valencia is off the hook asking 12 million euros for the transfer of a player contract ending June 30.

Hence, Barça sports officials have recovered the reports of José Ángel, 22 last season and came to Roma at the hands of Luis Enrique Martínez. The international under-21 was on the verge of signing for the club to be straddling the branch and the first team. However, the demands of his club, Sporting Gijón aborted the operation. The Catalan club offered two million euros I could round up a number of bonus. Roma appeared on the scene after hiring coach Luis Enrique and tabled 4.5 million plus another half million bonus.

Now, if it is confirmed that the former coach of Barça B will leave Rome, could be that José Ángel himself was open to change clubs, even more so if it is to return to the Spanish league and thicken a template as the Blaugrana.

With a contract until June 30, 2016, Jose Angel was formed in the lower grades and his debut for Sporting in the first division occurred precisely at a game at Camp Nou on February 8, 2009 (3-1). Now, Barça re-consider the option to strengthen the left back with a physics major player (1.82 meters) also has facility to join the attack. Contrasts with Alba, a technically gifted player better for offensive side but with less physical strength (1.72 meters).

Barça still manages choice for this demarcation. This is the Brazilian Granada Guilherme Madalena Siqueira which some members of the technical secretariat blaugrana are following along this season. 26, Siqueira combines physical power (1.83 meters) and to project technical quality in attack. In short, the typical Brazilian full-back. His handicap is that it is a somewhat intermittent footballer and this lack of consistency is what has slowed the leaders barcelonistas boost operation.

In any case, the transfer window has not even officially started and there are still many weeks left to see how to define these options. Alba is still the first choice but economic conditions may influence much the final decision, keeping in mind which player would be better suited. (via SPORT)