08 May 2012

Jorge Valdano: "It's of mediocre not to praise Barcelona"

Jorge Valdano again confessed his admiration for the game FC Barcelona, Pep Guardiola and Lionel Messi.

Jorge Valdano gave an interview to television TYC Sports Argentina and, again, was full of praise to the FC Barcelona. "It is poor not praise Barcelona. Since I started watching football, I saw nothing like this Barcelona that displays talent, generosity and hierarchy. Has a lot of continuity and a high level of pragmatism. Barça always play the same way and all Guardiola variations were in the midst of success. "

About the coach of FC Barcelona yet, Valdano stressed his "daring to change the recipe of his football in the midst of success. The last legacy of Guardiola is to turn the idea into the team leader. Capitalized on all the fanaticism of a club style. it is right to continue his aide. first game after the outcome. "And Guardiola, to Mourinho who Valdano defined as "pragmatic and has a relationship with undeniable success."

As regards Leo Messi, the former CEO of Real Madrid said that "genius usually has ups and downs and are forgiven. But this is a genius without interruption. On each move makes it clear that it's different. It seemed impossible that leave someone like Maradona, but was born in the cradle. Messi is an exaggerated way of being an Argentine player, "he went on the FC Barcelona.

For Valdano, if Messi does not win with Argentina is because it is surrounded by "an effective structure." "Argentina has a lot of front rank, but in other parts of the country things are not so plentiful. From there we must begin to build strength. Do not think just being attractive." (via SPORT)