25 May 2012

Joan Laporta: "Esperanza Aguirre sometimes what comes out"

The former FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said that the president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, has "tics authoritarian."

As indicated in a press conference today in the Catalan parliament member and former president Joan Laporta's Barça, "would have to explain to Esperanza Aguirre who, though she does not like to have citizens who whistle the national anthem of Spain and the monarchy, "there is a basic right recognized internationally and in the Spanish Constitution is freedom of expression."

According to Laporta, trying to prevent display a gesture of protest, Esperanza Aguirre notes that "has some authoritarian tics are inappropriate for a Democrat." "This perhaps someone can be shocking, but now people like her who profess a very stale Spanishness Democrats are dressed, but then show that in reality are as they are," added Joan Laporta, is that "however much put on liberal Democrat, he has said, sometimes you get what it is. "

According to the president of Barça, "Esperanza Aguirre's belief that if you whistle are bad and if you do you are good is typical of totalitarian thinking as hobbies have every right to express the world as they wish, and sport is also political unity as political sentiments. ""Let not exclaim both sport and politics mix, because it occurs throughout the world and nothing happens," he noted.

In your opinion, what should not do Esperanza Aguirre to divert attention from "management mistakes" in the government of the Community of Madrid is "fueling the conflict" in Catalunya and Euskadi in Spain, in what is considered "a new slip "due" hopefully the last. " (via SPORT)